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34 letters only - why are Mr and Mrs Number so happy?

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They are ging to have a little one.
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Why is there both Mrs and Miss for female but only Mr for men?

Mr. is a title for a man. It could be an abbreviation of either Mister (a married man) or Master (an unmarried man). Mrs. is a title for a married woman. Miss. is a title for

What are mrs.?

It is easy! Mrs is a woman who is married! Mr is a man or boy or whatever and miss is a female who is not married! xx Hope it helps.... xxx bibi xx:

Why is mrs mallard happy that her husband died?

Actually, Mrs. Mallard's husband didn't die, but she thought he  had. She felt happy because she was trapped in a life that didn't  suit her. She thought that his death woul

Is Mr blobby dead and if so why?

Mr Blobby first came to fame in Noels Edmund's UK Saturday evening show in 1993. From that first appearance he has maintained his image as a trashy, somewhat amusing pink blob

What is a Mr.?

Mr. is an abbreviation for the English honorific for males,  Mister.

Why is Mr Bean so crazy?

I would say it's either because A) he's British, B) he's a bit of a klutz and a spaz, or C) because his Blackadder character is more of the witty and sarcastic sort of funny.

What is in Mr Happy G20 Potpourri?

its a blend of synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto dry herbs. the  package will say its not for human consumption so it can be sold in  stores and also to avoid problems wit