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3 bros went fishing you see 1 and he says i got tired so i countd the fish there wasnt an even 3rd so i threw 1 away took my share and left each brother did the same thing how many did they start with?

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They started with 4.
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How many fish per 1 gallon?

That depends on the size of the fish. If they were goldfish, probably a lot. Maybe around 30 or so. If they are like blowfish, either one or none.

Got a fish tank about 2 weeks ago and all the fish have died started with 2 they died with in 2 days waited a week got 3 more 2 have dyed in 1 day why do your fish keep dying?

  you have to start a 'cycle'....you can buy it (its actually called 'cycle') from the store and depending on your big your tank is...you can put the whole bottle in and i

You have 1 betta fish can it live with your other 2 gold fish in the same bowl?

  The first rule of fish keeping is "1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water" Your 'bowl' is not big enough to keep one fish healthy let alone two and a Betta.

Why are there so many bubbles in fish aquarium?

Fish "breathe" oxygen in the water by using their gills. The bubblers pump air which contains oxygen throught the tank, giving the water (and fish) more oxygen than what would

Why are there so many fish in the world?

Because fish have lived longer than any other species, so fish have had a bunch of time for their species to grow. That and water covers almost 3/4 of the earth so there is bu