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A man falls out of a building and lands in soda what happens?

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Nothing! It's a soft drink!
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What happens if you fall off a building?

You'll die from hitting your head on the ground or hurting anything else on your body. Either you die or you'll end up getting paralyzed. But me, personally, would not jump of

What happens if you fall from a 50-foot building?

My 21 yr old son took a 50ft fall in 2009 he landed on his feet on  concrete and crushed all his bones from his heel to the L4 L5 in is  back including the pelvic in 5 place

What happens at the end of Resistance fall of man?

In the last battle you finaly see Nathan Hale's face in a cutscene and a monster called an 'Angel' a high up Chimera that infects you... you end up killing the Angel and you s

What happened to the land after the Fall of Rome?

The land that formerly made up the Roman Empire became divided among many different powers. The eastern half of the empire stayed united, and followed its own course for centu

Why do buildings fall when a earthquake happens?

Because a building is built on the ground which supports it. The moving ground makes it topple down. Building are usually not made to move - they are made to stay. Nails and s