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What are some animals that live under rocks?

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Why do crabs live under rocks?

Crabs will hide under rocks after they have molted while their newshell is soft. During this time they are very vulnerable topredators. The time it takes for their shell to ha

Which animals live under a rock?

Well there are many different types of species that live under a rock. Those species are ants, earthworms, beetles, spiders, lizards, and rats. If you need more help you could

What animal lives under a rock?

Numerous animals can be found living under rocks. The list includes but is not limited to snakes, lizards, groundhog...

Why do woodlice live under rock?

Because They Don't Like The Light!! Improved answer: they live in damp areas and keep out sunlight. Sunlight make the temperature of the area higher. They don't like it.

What are some animals that live under the tree trunk?

The rabbit has always lived under the treetrunk. It is a good place to live - a refuge against predators, and it is warm and safe, and good to have baby bunnies. Some animals