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Are there baby ghosts?

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Do babies see ghosts?

  Babies don't know about ghosts, so they couldn't imagine seeing one.

How do you get a ghost baby on Sims 3?

Have a Ghost Baby (Without Killing)   How to do it: - Set one of your Sim's traits to Kleptomaniac (Sim must be female) - Go to graveyard - Wait until Sim steals rema

Is there such things as baby ghosts?

no ........................ Ghosts are not "alive" in any true sense, so ghosts cannot reproduce, have babies, grow, mature or go through any of the life cycles that living

What does it mean if you dream a about a baby ghost baby?

It is not possible to guess at an interpretation with so little information about the dream itself and the accompanying emotions. A terrified dream of dead babies behaving lik