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Can a Pokemon GO up to level 171 without cheatcodes?

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no,a Pokemon can only go to lvl 100 without gameshark or AR
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How do you level up Pokemon in Pearl without cheating?

  The same way you do in every other Pokemon game fight other Pokemon. or you can put them in daycare, I currently am levelling up empoleon and torterra in daycare train

How do you level up your Pokemon without battling?

You can get rare candy by getting Battle points when you have rare candy just give them to your Pokemon to level up by one hope that helped or use an Exp. share and battle wit

How do you level up your Pokemon to level 100 without using cheats?

You have to train really hard. Fight the person that gives out the most xp and kill that Pokemon. Okay, even though you can't really kill Pokemon, I agree with that. It take