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Can any Pokemon GO a level higher then lvl 100?

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Not at all in the regular Pokemon games, though some Pokemon hacks have enemy Pokemon above level 100.
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How do you train your Pokemon higher than level 100?

A Pokemon cannot go more than level 100 You cannot train a Pokemon past level 100, however, you can catch one over level 100. To do this you need to do the missingno glitc

Can any Pokemon Surpass lvl 100?

  yes only one his name is nidogod he is the evolution of nidoking u must level nidoking to 100 then go to mt. moon and use the god stone on him and he will evolve. u mus

How do you level up your Pokemon over lvl 100 on Pokemon lake?

You have to go Account then Shop.... Then buy a RARE CANDY with a price of 5000. Then used it to a pokemon. Used a right amount to have you pokemon level up. Example: H

How do you get lvl 100 Pokemon on platinum?

Odd question, but I'll do my best. The typical way of getting a Pokemon to level 100 is to train them yourself. I like to just sweep the Elite 4 over and over again until I ge

Can a lvl 100 Pokemon get higher friendship?

Yes, the friendship can go higher, but not the level or HP. You can give your Pokemon a soothe bell, a massage, or a haircut if you a playing Silver, Crystal, Gold, Heart Gold

How do you get pokemon to lvl 100?

Train A Lot. The best place to train is the Elite 4 and the Champion if you're strong enough. If you don't find that suitable, try Victory Road. But be careful not to get lost