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Can someone tell you a website that can get on Family Feud?

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Www.familyfued.com on the bottom of the page there should be a section where it says "want to be a player on famikyfued"
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Is there a website that can tell you about someone in your family that has died?

The Social Security Death Index has a searchable online database that provides basic information, such as date of birth, date of death, and city/state of last residence. Only

Why does Shakespeare not tell us what started the family feud?

William Shakespeare does not disclose the cause of the family feud  because the focus is meant to be on Romeo and Juliet. Also by not  disclosing the cause of the feud, the

Can someone tell you how to build a website?

Building a website is complex and cannot be answered simply. However there are many websites which will allow you build a website through easy templates. There are also cheat