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Can you be sued in the Philippine's for unpaid debts in the united kingdom?

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What is the statute of limitations on unpaid debt?

  Answer   There is no cut-and-dry answer to this question. Statute of limitations (SOL) is established by state law and varies according to account type. The SOL f

What is the statute of limitations of unpaid debt?

The statute of limitations of unpaid debt is the time period that a  creditor has to collect a debt. When the time period has passed,  the creditor can no longer sue you for

What can you do when you are sued for a debt that is not yours?

  Answer       The best option is to retain legal counsel or at least legal advice.     In lieu of such, respond to the summons with the defense that

What action can be taken if a debt collection agency sued you and default judgment was passed for an unpaid debt if you are temporarily out of the country for a 1 year assignment?

A motion or application for an order vacating or setting aside the judgment may be made if service of the complaint had not been made properly. Before a judgment can be entere

What is the statute of limitations on an unpaid debt?

It depends on the state and how the debt is documented. Oral debts are usually the shortest. Written and Promissory Notes are the longest. Open Accounts such as credit cards v

Can you be sued over unpaid hospital bills?

  complicated question. you will probably be turned over to collection agency and they   will call you day and night. if you don't have the money, what can they do?

Can be sued after they charge off the debt?

Yes, Absolutely! I was and a judgment was AWARDED against me. Now in order to protect my paycheck, I have to make payment arrangements or risk garnishment of my checking accou

File an answer to debt collector suing?

YES always yes. If you don't answer they will receive a default judgment and you will not have a chance to defend yourself. if you do answer you will get a court date and

Can I be sued for a unpaid payday loan of 900?

Absolutely ! If you've borrowed money against your wages, and default on payments, the finance company can (and will) take you to court to recover their loan. This will result