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21 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could DoLIFE

Your iPhone can doall sorts of magical things that you probably aren't aware of.Here's a list of some of the iPhone's coolest hidden features.1. Shake to undo
Make a mistake while typing or editing a picture? No worries! Justgive your phone a little shake-like you're making a martini- andit'll ask you if you'd like to undo the action. Cheers!2. Recharge your battery faster by switching to airplane mode
Switching to airplane mode turns off battery-draining wireless andcellular access, allowing your phone to recharge up to twice asfast.3. Get Siri to read your emails aloud for you
Just say the magic words "Read my email" and Siri will read allyour messages aloud to you. If you like, you can tell her to readonly your most recent email ("Read my latest email") or just thosefrom a specific contact ("Do I have email from Mark?").4. Find out which planes are flying overhead
5. Teach Siri how to pronounce wordsJust ask her: "What flights areabove me?" Or you can be even more blunt and just say, "Planesoverhead." Boom! She'll bring up a list that shows all the flightsabove you at that moment. Why you would ever need this I have noidea, but it's pretty rad anyway.
The best part about this is that it makes you feel smarter thanSiri. Whenever Siri mispronounces something, just tell her, "That'snot how you pronounce [BLANK]" and she'll offer you alternatives.You can then select the best one.6. Automatically turn off your music with the timer
If you like to doze off with music playing like I do, you can usethe timer to automatically turn your music off so that it doesn'tplay all night. In the timer app, select "When Timer Ends," thenscroll down and select "Stop Playing." The Timer will automaticallyturn off your tunes after whatever length of time you set.7. Scroll through videos and music at half, quarter, or eighthspeed
This one is super useful. When you scroll-or as Apple calls it,"scrub"-through a movie or a song, the default mode is high-speedscrolling. This sometimes makes it hard to find the exact spot youwant. But you can control the rate at which you scroll. To do this,hold down the dot-or "playhead"-in the scrollbar at the top of thevideo screen (tap the screen to display the scrollbar if it isn'tvisible) and slide your finger straight down without lifting it.This allows you to change the scrubbing speed to half-speed,quarter-speed, eighth-speed ("fine scrubbing"). Once you'veselected the speed, move your finger left or right (without liftingit) to scroll.8. Take a photo with the volume buttons
Sometimes it's hard to snap a picture by touching the capturebutton-if you're wearing gloves, say-in which case, you can takethe shoot by pressing either the volume up or the volume downbutton. Problem solved!9. Take multiple photo bursts all at once
If you hold down the capture button, your phone will take a seriesof rapid shots, or bursts, in quick succession. This is especiallyuseful if you're photographing a moving subject. Later you can scanthrough all the bursts and pick your favorite ones.10. Reveal timestamps on text messages
Drag the text bubble to the left and you'll see a timestamp forevery text message. Among other things, this will show you just howmuch time you waste texting.11. Use your iPhone as a levelNeed to hang a picture? In the Compass app, swipe left and youriPhone becomes a perfect level.
12. Make your iPhone speak selected text
I like to use this one randomly just to freak people out. First youhave to enable Speak Selection. To do that go to Settings >General > Accessibility > Speak Selection and turn it on. A"Speak" button will now appear whenever you select text. Bonus: youcan also choose different accents (would you prefer an AussieiPhone?) and even control the speed at which selected text isspoken. Trust me, you can waste a lot of time with this one.13. Start a new sentence just by double-tapping the spacebar
14. See a more detailed calendarWhenever you're typing and you needto start a new sentence, just double-tap the spacebar and it willautomatically add a period and a space for you.
When using the calendar app, turn you phone sideways (intolandscape position) and voilà, you'll get a more detailed look atyour sked.15. Lock autofocus and exposure while taking a picture
It can get annoying when when you're trying to take a picture andyour iPhone camera keeps refocusing and automatically adjusting theexposure. But you can lock in the focus and exposure by pressingand holding your finger on the screen until you see a yellow squareblink twice. A yellow icon that says "AE/AF Lock" will appear atthe bottom of the screen letting you know that you've locked in theexposure and focus. It'll stay that way until you're done with theshot.16. Add web suffixes with a single tap
It took my a while to learn this one-and I wish I'd known about itsooner. When you're typing in a web address, just hold down the "."at the bottom of your keyboard, and a menu will pop up showing alist of web suffixes (.com, .net, .edu, etc.)17. Quickly accessyour email drafts
This is one that very few people know about. Next time you're usingyour Mail app, hold down the Compose icon in the lower right cornerof your screen, and it'll quickly jump to a list of your drafts. Iuse this feature all the time.18. Customize vibrations
This will let you change the vibration pattern for alerts andnotifications. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone >Vibration > Create New Vibration. You can also customize thevibration pattern for individual contacts by following the sameprocedure from your contact list. This way, you can tell who'scalling or messaging you just by feel.19. Create custom keyboard shortcuts
Say there's a certain word or phrase (or a password) that you use alot. You can create a shortcut for it. Go to Settings > General> Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut. Enter a word orphrase and the shortcut you'd like to use for it. Every time youtype that shortcut, the whole word or phrase will magically appear.You can even create shortcuts for emoji!20. Create a passcode with letters (not just numbers)
By default, your iPhone asks you to type in numbers when you createthe passcode that unlocks your phone. But you can change thissetting. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turnoff "Simple Passcode." You will be prompted to change yourpasscode, and a full keyboard will appear onscreen instead of justthe number pad. This keyboard will pop up every time you unlockyour phone.21. Set your phone to emit light flashes for alerts
Instead of having your iPhone ring or vibrate when you get a callor a message, you can have it emit an LED flash. Go to Settings> General > Accessibility, then scroll down and turn on "LEDFlash for Alerts." Warning: it's REALLY bright!
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