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Did Samson run faster than horses in the Bible?

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Yes he sure did.
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Can a horse run faster than a camel?

Yes a horse can run faster than a camel however a camel can run a lot farther than a horse and are a lot better at survival in almost every way.

Can camels run faster than horses?

Not that i know of. So generally horses are faster.

Can a deer run faster than a horse?

The Average speed fastest for a deer is 40 mph, While a horse' top speed is 35-40 mph. So the deer is faster than the horse because the deer isn't really trying. However it ha

Can donkeys run faster than horses?

No, horses are bigger with longer legs than donkeys. No they cannot, but I am sure they could beat some of the horses I back.

How can a cheetah run faster than a horse?

Cheetahs have very flexible spines, a strong back and hindquarters.They can manage a huge stride length and have the rightPower-to-weight ratio to propel themselves very fast

Can a horse run faster than a person?

From the get-go or when both burst out of the starting gate,absolutely!!