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Do Pokemon GO to the toilet?

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Yes. But all of their waste is invisible.
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Why do we have to go to the toilet?

We'd be awfully big and mighty uncomfortable if we had to carry around all the used food we ever had. The body can't convert to energy every last molecule that it consumes.

Why do you go toilet?

Without you going to the toilet, you will end up getting your cloths wet and the street would be full nasty stuff.

How can you go to the toilet after just going?

Well if you mean you have to use the toilet again then it may be either you drank to much(Needing to urinate) or you have had an unbalanced diet lately(Diarrhea) if niether of

How can you go to the toilet without a toilet?

This all depends on where you live. If you live in an apartment you will have to go in a can of some sort. If you live in a residential area you will have to dig a hole in you

How do you go to the toilet if i don't have a toilet in space?

In a microgravity environment, using the toilet can be a serious  problem. Current toilets use air flow to help solid & liquid  wastes go where they're supposed to. This doe