Do some people or a lot of people like jay Sean?

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some people because everybody has a differnt tast in music.
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Do a lot of people like twilight?

Yes. Most of my school is obsessed. And almost all the people I meet have read at least one of the following: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn.

Why do people like Jay-Z?

Some people like Jay-Z because they have their own interests, they may like rap. because he is a freemason

Why do a lot of people like pie?

People like pie because it is very sweet and when things are sweet you get hyper and people love to be hyper to be active and run around

Do a lot of people like football?

some like kids in high school or college but this has to change!Basketball rocks and Baseball! Got it! and the answer is no!

Do a lot of people like cookies?

I think people like cookies because they're a easy and good tasting snack. Adults especially have attachment to certain brands of cookies I am partial to Keebler's: Lemon Crem