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Do you need the lightsaber for lightsaber duels?

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yes styupid qoueted by luke ag 20001 uh huh !!!!!!!!!! right

I apologize for a user's rude comment above. But yes, you would need a lightsaber for a duel, the same way swordsmen need swords for dueling.
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What is a lightsaber?

Lightsabers are the weapons Jedi use. It is a butt with a deadly blade which is a laser beam. It deflects lasers and can even go through metal. The colors are blue, green, pur

Star Wars lightsaber duels cheats?

Some cheats such as costumes for characters and new characters can only be unlocked by completing certain missions. And there are tons of cheats; in fact, too many to post on

Star wars the clone wars lightsaber duels cheats?

these are some hope they help Secret Characters Count Dooku - Clear Campaign EG-5 Jedi Hunter Droid - Clear Campaign General Grievous - Clear Campaign Kit Fisto - Beat

Can you duel with fx lightsabers?

You can you just need to be gentle. If you want to get into intense duels I would suggest getting the plain old plastic kind, they may look cheesy, but the can take a beating.

Has yoda ever lost a lightsaber duel?

It is unknown how many he lost, but yes, in the Revenge of the Sith, he technically lost to Darth Sidious at the battle in the Chancellors office.

What is the force in lightsaber duels?

A belief in a conection to all living things in the universe. This is like the animistic beliefs of many humans. It is this belief that they are all one with another that allo

What does a lightsaber duel consist of?

It's a battle between two creatures, each carrying at least one* of the mentioned weapon. The goal is simple: to defeat the other person and to survive yourself. The weapon is

What does a lightsaber do?

It deflects back laser fire. It can cut through and/or melt metal due to the heat it gives off. Unless modified in a specific way, they can not work underwater. They can cut o