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yes if you count fish as meat.Like shrimp and stuff
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What do flamingos eat?

Flamingos eat small fish like anchovies and shrimp. Flamingos are actually white or grey, but the shrimp they eat turns them pink. When a flamingo loses its feathers it eventu

Who eats a flamingo?

Flamingos live in areas with shallow water beside lakes and rivers where there are few predators. Their most common predators are birds of prey such as eagles and hawks passin

What does a flamingo eat?

Flamingos live on shrimp, algae, and other small life forms found in shallow water.

What does flamingo eat?

Flamingos eat several different things. Some things they eat are  brine shrimp, small insects, fish, red algae, and green algae.

What does the Flamingo eat?

flamingos eat algae, small insects and small crustaceans shrimp     shrimp, that's what gives them their color.

What does flamingos eat?

They eat shrimp and some anchovies, as well. (It is the shrimp that accounts for the pink color of flamingos.)

How does a flamingo eat?

Flamingos have these plates on the edges of their beaks, called lamellae. The flamingo dips its head upside down underwater, and all the water and underwater organisms and pla

Where do flamingos eat?

They eat at restuarants like us LOL that's how the question was worded. But i get you they eat in their habitat or any body of water where fish and bugs are. I got that off

What can eat a flamingo?

Flamingos choose regions that have little food for other animals and avoid having many natural predators. They can be the target of large birds that move from place to place.

What how and when do flamingos eat?

Flamingos eat small insects, plankton, tiny fish, algae, crustaceans, and fly larve using their bills. When and how much food they eat is dependent upon what species of flamin