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Scientific Notation

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Scientific notation is the expression of a number based on the largest exponent of 10 for its value, where the form is a decimal number A x 10n.
480,608,400 in Scientific Notation=4.806084 x 108
The SI unit of mass is the kilogram, kg.
9.9 in Scientific Notation=9.9 x 100
You can find scientific notation being used wherever numbers are  very large or very small.
scientific notation is a method used to show very large numbers or  very small numbers easily so for example say you want to put the  number 579,000,000,000,000 into scientific notation you divide by  ten until you get the decimal point behind the five then you show  the other numbers behind the...
0.00000565 in scientific notation is: 5.650000e-6
It is: 3.4*10^7=34,000,000 in scientific notation
0.3048 in Scientific Notation=3.048 x 10-1
4.5834e-3mm or 4.5834 x 10^-3 mm
7.05 x 10 to the fifth power Work:7.05 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10
625,000 in scientific notation=6.25 x 10^5 or 6.25e+5
0.010 in Scientific Notation=1 x 10-2
95.46 in Scientific Notation=9.546 x 101
that is -1 to the 5th power i think3
0.000001 in Scientific Notation=1 x 10-6
The solution is 4.7 x 100 since you are not moving the decimal point at all. If that is so, then the exponent for base 10 is 0.
76 thousandths (0.076) in standard form is 7.6 × 10-2
The answer is 179 x 1000 grams
Four hundred seven thousandths in standard form is written 4.07 ×  10-1
Multiplying each factor by powers of ten
Note that the number is same as 467000000.0. Shift 8 decimal places to the left from the starting point, so the exponent for base 10 is 8. Therefore, the number in scientific notation is: 4.76 x 108
Scientific notation is used in numbers that are very large, or small- also if they include many zeroes. For example, they are used to show atomic values of distances/sizes of celestial beings. (the sun, stars, etc) Or, an electron's weight.
9.19263177 (usually you would round this to 9.19) x 10^9.
0.2978 in Scientific Notation=2.978 x 10-1
234.4mm is .2344 meters. in scientific notation this would be 2.344 x 10-1 m
Four billion in Scientific Notation=4 x 109
Scientific notation would be 1.610000E+04 in computing speak, or just 1.61 x 10^4. Engineering notation would be 16.1 x 10^3 [always to the nearest 3]
317 in Scientific Notation=3.17 x 102 or 3.17e+2
  well, say if the math problem is 4x1000. scientific notation for that math problem is 4x103, the three meaning three zeros.(you only use 10 when there are zeros at the end, and you only do 4x1, then do three zeros.) P.S. THAX 4 ASKING THIS QUESTION, I LOVED ANSWERING IT!!!!!!!
0.0000356 in Scientific Notation=3.56 x 10-5
The standard notation for 5.79 x 10-2 is 0.0579
Scientific notaion is always dependent on significant figures, but for the given number it is:5.61e^2
Depending on the degree of accuracy you are wanting you would change the number of significant figures in the answer, but the full value is the following:1.59840e^5
425 million in Scientific Notation=4.25 x 1085.6 x 107
0.0642 in scientific notation is: 6.420000e-2
15 factorial=1,307,674,368,0001,307,674,368,000 in Scientific Notation=1.307674368 x 1012
Move 2 decimal places from the starting position [so the exponent of base 10 is 2.]. Then, the term in scientific notation is:1.569 x 102
0.00000000016 in Scientific Notation=1.6 x 10-10
Shift a decimal place to the left, so the exponent for base 10 is 1. Hence, the term in scientific notation is: 4.5668 x 10
Value Of Radiuds Of Earht=6.38/10 Power 6 m
Note that something that is a billion has base 109. Then, 17 billion is 17 x 109. Finally, move a decimal place to the left to get:1.7 X 1010
00000059 in Scientific Notation=5.9E-06 x 107
9,000,000 in Scientific Notation=9 x 106
Move 4 decimal places to the right from the starting point, so the exponent for base 10 is -4. Therefore, the number in scientific notation is 2.4 x 10-4