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Southeast Asia

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The countries of Southeast Asia include: Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and the Philippines. They have a unique history, regional interaction, culture, food, and religious makeup from nearby areas and regions.
France was the country that once ruled Indochina.
Arab traders first began to trade in south east Asia in 3000BC.
There are 11 countries in Southeast Asia each with a different type of government.
Communist influence & military infiltration into South Vietnam began almost immediately after the Geneva Accords divided the country into North & South in 1954/55. The war grew from that point.
The French took over French Indochina in September of 1940. TheJapanese had started a war with China three years earlier andwanted Indochina as a way to blockade China.
The leader of the People's Republic of Vietnam during their wars ofindependence was Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh saw through leadership ofthe resistance against the Japanese, French and ultimately theAmericans.
The issue is whether or not Malaysia has legitimate rights tocontrol the province of Sabah on the island of Borneo. Please see the Related Links below for arguments from both the SuluSultanate and Malaysia on the matter.
Fish are readily available in the many bodies of water.
In an effort to cut off military supplies to China, Japan invadedFrench Indochina in 1940. After days of combat, the French Vichygovernment reached an agreement with Japan that allowed them tooccupy Tonkin Bay. The Japanese military had a continued presencein Indochina throughout the war.
They border each other; easy access.
After the 1997 financial crisis, the member nations decided to set up a cooperation plan known as the 2000 Chiang Mai Initiative (CMI).
European nations began to control the nations of southeast asia.-apex
1. A distrust of foreigners. 2. Second language 3. Additional religions 4. Western technologies 5. Product ideas (seeing how the other half lives & ideas to profit by them; with goods) 6. Trade (seeing how the other does business/such as honest/dishonest/and habits)
For the most part they opposed it. Some of the wealthy connected individuals may have supported it.
The reason why is because for trade. people want to trade with the localist crossroad transportation so this is for trading goods such as fruit and grains.
1. Philippines 2. Thailand 3.Indonesia 4.Malysia 5.Vietnam 5.Brunei 6.Myannmar 7.Timor Leste 8. Laos 9. Cambodia
The influences of the Mon people, as well as the Pagan Empire, arestill felt today throughout the region. Currently, the SoutheastAsian countries with the highest amounts of practicing TheravadaBuddhists are Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.
Long time ago I read an article from a travel magazine. They say you can list all the reasons in the world, but what truly makes Thailand great is its people.
Japan wanted a sphere of influence in Asia,and wanted to show the European powers that had colonies there (British, Dutch, French, etc)that a new "era" had dawned and that the Asian people were not going to accept Western rule. That was the most promulgated propaganda used..The major reason was...
Japan wanted to cut of supplies to China which it had attackedthree years earlier in its quest to control the Pacific Ocean.
From 1975 to 1979, the Khmer Rouge had control of Cambodia. Duringthis period it is estimated that 2 Million people were killed. PolPot is the name of the person most credited with this disaster.
Laos, Cambodia, North and South Vietnam (now called Vietnam).
There was only one type of imperialism; colonization (territorial expansion).
pass to new generation who is going away form nature and real life.
Tagalog Translation of SOUTHEAST ASIA: Timog-silangang Asya
India decided to become a partner with ASEAN instead of a member.ASEAN stands for Association of south East Asian Nations.
Yes, US covert operations, as well as communists fighting the Cambodian government; but they were insurgents. Not regular troops from another country, like was happening in Vietnam. The NVA were regular soldiers from North Vietnam moving thru neutral countries such as Laos and Cambodia-the US was...
It is called Indochina and also includes Cambodia. During French rule it was known as French Indochina.
Being just above the equator, they are covered by tropical forests. Some folks refer to them as jungles.
The countries of Laos, Cambodia, and all of Vietnam.
no fair trade, spread of communism through all of the asian rim, world war iii, strength of american military would increase
Fish and Oil are primary resources, though there are quite a few food sources like rice and chillies, sea salt, and a variety of fishes. Chicken meat and poultry is also widely available
Thailand sent men to fight in Vietnam; they are Vietnam veterans.
Vietnam People's Air Force
In reaction to the Japanese's Aggression, the United States restricted the sale of scrap iron and aviation fuel to Japan. Before this, the US had stayed isolationist for the most part. The Japanese reacted badly and decided to join the Axis Powers. In an act of revenge, the Japanese later bombed...
Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Cambodia and Malaysia.
Japan did. The Vichy Indochina (French) gov't signed a treaty with Japan on 22-Sep-40 which pretty much ceded all military power to the Japanese. The Japanese immediately took steps that exceeded the treaty's provisions, and there was some resistance for a few days, but from 26-Sep-40 until the end...
It effected east Asia by spreading a way to live and a belief to center their lives on
That particular animal might not be found on the Eurasian Continent, unless it was imported to it.
well,as a resident there I could say that we have a lot of beautiful places,islands and the best part is probably visiting the island of borneo. It's a fun place for family vacations and all sorts of other stuff
All nations right up to the Indian border; Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, possibly even Malaysia & Indonesia & the Philippines (depending upon who you're talking with). One must remember, SEA (Southeast Asia) is not separated from anyone on the Eurasian Continent by an ocean. You can...
Created second languages, second religions, exposed Eastern (Oriental) culture to Western (Occidental) culture(s).
Ayutthaya is located in the rich rice plains of the Chao PhrayaRiver basin, 90 km north of present-day Bangkok. During the 400year Ayutthayan period the Thai consolidated their position as theleading power.
There are 3 countries sharing island of Borneo (all of them reaching the coast): Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.
What is the name of a rainforest in Southeast Asia
France granted independence to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia when thepolitical forces within each country demanded it. Vietnamindependence resulted in a civil war. Geneva Accords
The French departed. The countries of North and South Vietnam were created.
Malaysia and Indonesia are the only Muslim-majority countries in Southeast Asia. There are Muslim minorities in Thailand, Myanmar, and Singapore.
China, Japan, and South Korea are some countries with large Buddhist populations.
US ground forces were led by General Joseph "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell.
India has only existed as a world commodity since 1945. There hasn't been much opportunity for nations to "make their mark" in history, since the cold war ended in 1990. If India could jump on the "Global War on Terrorism" band wagon...and invent or market something that could help out there.....
Prior to the 1990s, it was rubber, minerals, and agricultural products. 21st century, is some agricultural products, and lots of clothing, toys, and collectible items (reproduction militaria souvenirs).
Myanmar(Burma), Thailand, China, and Vietnam.
Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.
apex: Malaysia and Indonesia are mainly musilum countries whileAustralia and New Zealand are mainly christain
Well for a start Australia & New Zealand are developed countries. Indonesia & Malaysia are developing countries. Australia & New Zealand is better than Indonesia & Malaysia in every aspect : economically, human rights , politcal stability , corruption, peace etc. The list goes on an on.
Answer .the french colonized indo china
France was just keeping up with European traditions at the time, the usual colonies: Britain's America, Australia; France and Spain's America; Germany, Belgium, Portugal's Africa; Britain's India; etc. Japan was engaged with conquests, which required "stepping stones"; Indochina was one of them....
Answer The Vietcong had routes through Cambodia that were used to send essential supplies to the fighting Vietcong in South Vietnam. The United States began to bomb the countrysides of Cambodia in an effort to stop the transport of Vietcong materials from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. The bombing...
You can travel visa free (or visa on arrival) within ASEAN. And get scholarship from Singapore!
No, because the government takes too much money from the people and they kill the people if they don't like them..It is not a democratic government and the people don't have many freedoms. This is proven by the results of the recent protests there; journalists were kicked out of the country and...
SEATO was actually formed around that time frame, and France was part of SEATO. SEATO was dissolved in about 1977 because France and Pakistan withdrew from SEATO. SEATO was formed to protect the free nations of South East Asia "Treaty Organization" from a communist attack. France had little to...
With a fair wind 45 degrees against you, it would take about a week.
They are a common delicacy for us. They are mostly good with dog meat and hint of sugar.
the cultures and religions of India and China as well as the religions Islam and Christianity fromSouthwest Asia.
Because we wanted southeast Asia's resourses for ourselves.
. . . to exploit mineral resources such as oil .
No. Australia is not part of southeast Asia. Both Australia andAsia are separate continents. Australia is a country located on thecontinent of Australia. The continent of Australia includesAustralia and its island state of Tasmania. Countries grouped with southeast Asia include Indonesia, Cambodia...
The organization was formed to assist Asian countries to defend against communist take-over.
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