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Music consists of sound mixed with elements including pitch, rhythm, and tempo. Here you can ask questions about music and the hottest songs of today and yesterday.
the people who write, produce, and play popular music, or the part  of a city where they work
I believe you referring to the song "This is the way I live by babyboy ft lil boosie
I dig my garden i dig, dig, dig i did my garden i dig it deep i plant my seeds and watch them grow, then a rabbit comes along and, oh, no he eats my (chosen vegetable) munch, munch, munch He eats my ("), he eats the whole bunch i run to the garden and say shu, shu, shu but the rabbit comes back,...
Michael Jackson why? cause when he died people started buy his albums so fast. R.I.P
no Justin bieber was born without talent and will never be talented.... or good looking for that matter
No, and his high school sweetheart divorced in 2013, after photos  of him kissing Brittany Kerr emerged in 2012.
Hi, dose anybody know the girl from the beginning of the video No  Mediocre?
"Little Green Bag" by George Baker
The singer of this song is Tommy McLain
miley cyrus video for wrecking ball
you can get a flute at Music&Arts
A online shoppping website can help you:Taobao.
You can buy it off of Amazon.
Delta Dawn By: Helen Reddy               
michigan state university
Mark Owen lives in Wandsworth, London. That's the best answer I can give because I am not going to post his WHOLE address on the internet!!
She's not a huge fan of pop music, surprisingly. In an interview, she said, "My 13-year-old self would have beaten up my 17-year-old self because she would be like, 'You're a sellout! Why the harsh words? Because Miley wants to stay one step above the mainstream...and yes, that even means dissing...
Y would u want me to download a horse music
no way are you stupid iyaz is not akon son .akon got 5 children
"Back  to Black" is a song by English recording artist  Amy Winehouse. It was released on 30 April 2007 as the title  track and third single from her second studio album  of the same name. "Back to Black" received universal acclaim.  It was written by Winehouse andMark  Ronson and produced...
He had a fatal brain injury.
'careless memories' s the second single by Duran Duran,realesed  on20 april 1981
He is an American rapper
He has type one diabetees, he likes reading, baseball(fave team is Yankees) , his full name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas, his fave dessert is pumpkin pie, he loves steak, he likes golf and song writting, his fave hloiday is Thanksgiving, he is inspired by "cupcakes", if he could do somthing wild and...
some people because everybody has a differnt tast in music.
Spain is a country with plenty of different musical styles.  However, nowadays, the most popular genres are rock, pop, and  perhaps a tad bit of classical as well.
 On The Bus Mall" (from Picaresque, 2005) 
the last time he cried was when he preformed stay
Justin Bieber Loves Megan Ryan. He doent lol
The tuba is played in the key of C.
Their latest hit is "Mama Mia".
yes aerosmith sings that song and the song is kind of sad because that song makes me think about the last day of school in may, and I get sad on the last day of school because I love school and I will miss my friends and here are 3 reasons why I love school, 1. because I like making friends 2....
They did tour during 2010, yes.
This land is your land, this land is my land From California to the New York Island,From the redwood forest to the gulf stream water,This land was made for you and me.As I went walking that ribbon of highwayI saw above me that endless skyway,I saw below me that golden valleyThis land was made for...
If you mean "salud" it means blessed you in spanish.
you can get it on amazon. they probably have everything
ANSWER: There are one directional valves in the
Gone Too Soon has tons of similes. Example:Like A CometBlazing 'Cross The Evening Sky Gone Too SoonLike A RainbowFading In The Twinkling Of An EyeGone Too SoonHe's comparing all these things to death. How something is there and then in a blinking of an eye, it's gone.Hope this helps. :s I'm sure...
i know one maybe. it might be Fabianne Therese.
jaclyn crow is Katy perrys step sister, i know cause i have met her.
You should be ashamed with your self ! ! ! i am the Jonas Brothers mothers but i can tell you we live in New Jersey .
Justin Bieber's first album ,which was released on November 17,2009, was titled "My World".
The Carter 4 Come Out August 29 , 2011 . He Even Says It On His remix to Girls Who Run The World On His is Mixtape "Sorry For Wait" .
There are tons of pictures.
Singing The Blues By:Guy Mitchell
depends on the kind of aux on the amp or the lead of the headset
In 'One Time' It Was Grey... And In 'One Les Lonley Girl' It Was Purple... :D
for new jerking songs judt go to this websit......digitaldripped.com...new jerkin songs posted daily
i think love is caring for the person or friend
So Far Away (Avenged Sevenfold song)
Anytime, Anyplace Is Featured On Janet Jackson's Album JANET.
There are two ladies that appear in the music video . Lisa Pure ,  and  Katherine Ellis
ccc ddd ccccdddd edc you're making me hungry :P~~
Elvis felt happy preforming because he was doing what he loved, and  he made billions of people in the world happy with his music.
no. Nicki minaj is just on the young money label but theyre not dating or anything as far as i know. i believe Wayne isn't seeing anyone at the moment
The clarinet originated in Europe. The modern day clarinet has evolved from more primitive versions but did NOT come from the saxophone.
She was smoking a natural herb called salvia which haspsychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California.