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The Devil (Satan)

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The Devil or Satan is a common figure in many religions as the source and perpetrator of evil doings.


Yes, the devil can choke you just by squeezing his arms around your neck but nobody can see him. Therefore the devil can kill anything without anyone who or what it is.
No just something thought to be Satan
No gangsters are not a part of the devil. Gangsters are just peoplewho think that they are cooler than others and act like hot shots.The devil is an angel that is named Lucifer. The bible tells usthat He was a good angel once until he wanted to rule heaven and belike God. God then kicked him out of...
i say no because bad things can come from Yourself, God, and the Devil the devil so it can go either way and just look in Easter through Psalms
Benet wrote "The Devil and Daniel Webster" in 1937.
The bible says in John10:10 that the devil came to steal, to kill,  and to destroy. The bible also says that satan is a roaring lion  seeking whom he may devour
probably quite a few, especially Christian celeberties.
Yes!! The devil (satan) is real weather you believe in him or not.The bible tells us that he is the ruler and the prince of the air (the earth) he is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Heis real he does exists but you don't want to follow him because thebible also tells is that he is...
It is Irish in origin, dating back to about 1539, from a collection  of proverbs by R. Tavnerner
Who knows? No soul has ever returned from the afterlife with such trivial details. It has been rumoured Satan likes a nice cup of tea and biscuit whilst watching Bold and the Beautiful, after all it's very stressful tormenting all those souls for Eternity.Seriously though, if you are worried that...
Christians, Muslims, and people who worship the devil.
If a person conveys evil or immoral stay away from them. theirnegative energy can affect you in a negaztive manner.
Go to a cross road.... Do research about the cross road demons
Yes, in that it means a person so base that they are thought to beSatan's child(ren).
In the Christian Bible the Devil (Satan) is Lucas
No! I don't know how these absurd rumors get started, probablyjealous people too lazy to get out there and work hard like Ms.Vanderbilt has!
Some offenders have had a pretty mundane life. In prison they can  be whomever they want to be; something that will attract other  folks attention to look cool. As an example I had one inmate under  my charge who tried to pass himself off as a Navajo (Dine) Native  American. When I got a chance...
In his old comedy routines, usually while in character as  Geraldine. He was not serious.
He's not there to harm you in any way. He is there to grant you the freedoms you deserve and save you from a power-hungry being.
Answer: The Devil CAN possess people, but he is more apt to concern himself with influential types, like government leaders or those, like Judas Iscariot, with the capability to destroy that which God has made. "...Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot..." (Luke 22:3). Otherwise......
It is an optical illusion or most likely computer enhanced by some  ridiculous conspiracy theorist to fool their followers and other  gullible folk.
People may say an evil entity exists and tell you they are 100%correct. But the simple truth is no one knows absolutely sure ofits existence. Christian's and Islamic followers may say a devilexists because it is in their scripture. I can tell you all morningthat I am an atheist, but at the end of...
Regardless, a person cannot sell their soul to the devil no matterwhat a society believes in.
It is a work of fiction by Anne Rice released in 1995
According to the Muslim religion Satan born with the person and theperson cannot get-rid from it until death even in grave. soaccording to Muslim(religion ) theory Satan have many sons ,daughters and other relationships. sorry i don't know about other religion if you got that pl z let meknow ...
Who? Actually I think you may mean why do people sell their theirsoul to the devil? In reality, people do not sell their souls toanyone. In works of Fiction, people sold their souls to the devilto gain power, wealth or fame; kind of like rubbing a lamp, outpops a genie and grants three wishes.
This means that the devil is a [fallen] son of God he can cite, or  quote scripture as well as any Biblical scholar, and twist the  words to his benefit according to Christian beliefs.
In Dante's "Inferno," Satan is shown frozen in the very center of hell. He has 3 heads, each of which is devouring a famous sinner:1.) Judas Iscariot: former disciple of Jesus Christ who betrayed Him (with a kiss) to the Roman authorities for 30 pieces of silver.2.) Marcus Junius Brutus (aka Brutus)...
NO!! Dahak is a pretend god from a video game.
Dahak is a pretend evil god in a video game.
No. But he may influence humans to do so.
According to Christianity, Satan is not dead. The phrase Satan the  Devil is a redundancy.
Goats and Snakes
A make believe creature who does not exist. In fictional stories a  woman or man given magical power by the devil is considered a black  magic witch.
The only thing more dangerous than the devil would be the God of  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dahak is a pretend god who does  not exist.
1.Lair. 2.Thief.3.Deciver of Mankind.
Stepmania has nothing to do with the devil. It is a game released  in 2001 by StepManiaTeam. Down to the devil Edguy? sounds like some  nonsensical saying.
Any story is just that. Probably has not happen.
The Devil (Satan) cannot be saved.
In the Book of Revelation, 666 is the Mark of the Beast, a minion  of the Satan character. In numerology it is said to stand for ''  Nero Again '', referring to Nero's nephew, Domitian, who like Nero  had begun to persecute Christians during his reign : @ A.D. 81-96.
nothing is greater than god eviler than the devil poor people have it but rich people want it No offense, but I mean come on. God? Really? 1. He's DEAD. 2. I can think up a ton of things greater than god. 3. I KNOW SOMEONE eviler than the so called devil. 4. The only thing that god did to our world...
Yes,His Name Is Appolyon
In Paradise Lost, Raphael describes to Adam and Eve that The Devil  envies the appointment of the son as God's second in command.
Dahak is a pretend god. The devil, Satan, is the key cause for evil  in Christianity and Islam.
I am not sure if the devil have any kids
No. He was a flamboyant attention seeker.
No. Magic's root word means sleight of hand; a trick to fool the  mind. Although the term magic is used to describe Black magic and  White magic to describe negative or positve, or good and evil. at  the end of the day it's all not real
Satan was, at one point, Saint Nicholas. After living for 521 years by drinking a magical potion brewed by the Easter Bunny, he died and his soul pulled a 180 and he turned into an evil undead Santa Claus. In fact, 'Satan' is an anagram of 'Santa'. Being as he is elderly he is OLD and NICK stems...
As the story opens in the first act, we see the Devil,  Mephistopheles moving about as a medium sized dog. As he meets up  with Faust who then sells his soul to the Devil; they both  apparently travel by magic, popping in and out of the various  places the two travel.
No. Logic and reason are mine.
I belive no human knows that. And the dates and times were  different within heaven and other worlds that God has created.
There are lots of Fairy Tales that speak of selling one's soul tothe devil, usually for fame and fortune. The person whom sold theirsoul usually had twenty years before forefeiting their soul, thusgoing to hell.
Faust, by the author Goethe sells his soul to the devil. Don't  worry, you can't really sell your soul. Anyway, if you could, in  today's economy, you would not get that much. One would be better  off to do something positive with their soul such as helping less  fortunates.
No. Dahak is a pretend character in a video game.
Dahak is a pretend god in a video game, and apparently a subject of  trolling.
no, Satan is the opposite of good and would be like a circle that has 4 sides, makes no sense, although some believe he can be replaced since he did have a son
"Stoning the Devil" is one of the rituals Muslims perform on their  pilgrimage to Mecca. The pilgrimage, called a Hajj, is taken by  Muslims, as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. On their way to Mecca  the Muslims pass through the city of Minas, east of Mecca. They  fling pebbles at three walls...
When a person sells their soul to devil they may evil in many ways.  They may appear to not care and act recklessly often trying to get  others to sell their soul.
There is no noted reaction of this in any canonized scripture.
No. Dahak is a character in video games. This is a popular topic  for internet trolls.
There are none in scripture as far as I am aware.
Dahak is make-believe from a video game and is famous for repeted  trolling in answers.
Again, no. Video game character, and trolll favorite.
There are no scientific reports of anyone possessed by a devil. If  you think someone is possessed please get them psychiatric help.
No. A ball of light may be an escaped methane pocket, usually from  a swamp. These gases can ignight, and are known as Will-o-the-wisp.  They have nothing to do with evil.
Yes, according to Proverbs 16:27-29. That can mean keep yourself  busy doing something positive.
That would be none. However, Edward Albert, jr. voiced the blind  superhero DareDevil, in two episodes of the Spiderman cartoon in  the 1990's.
when god made humans he forced angels, his first children, to serve us and Satan refused so because god refused to listen Satan hated humans and punished them. this must have been before Adam and eve existed
Dethklok is a cartoon death metal band, so no. They worship  nothing.
That would be Apostle J. Okoriko, who debunks the myth of Satan as  a real being of evil as described in the New Testament. Originally  the word hasatan (never capitalized), as a title bestowed upon any  angel appointed by God to make a point. Christianity evolved the  word to a personal name of...
The Devil, or Satan is a mythical being created by the early  Christian Church to symbolize the opposers or enemies of the  Church. If a group, individual, or country opposed them, then they  were with the enemy of the Church, or in league with Satan. This  gave the Church license to murder...
Some fundamental ministers call G12 an out and out cult, and it  may be.They consider themselves to be evangelicals in the same  manner of Jesus of Nazareth during his supposed ministry. Founder  Cesar Castellanos claims he began G12 ministries after a vision  from God to form cells of twelve in...
Tolstoys charachter Pahom makes the boast that if he had enough  land, he would not fear the devil himself. This is only a bragging  that if one has a large parcel of land that he would be protected  against evil. This is a literary question and not religious in  intent.
hello im mohammad amin from iran if you contact with the devil he will say that if you obey my orders you will never see me again if you obey him he will say i dont respect you and he will go you just say in the name of god and he will go away if you have any answers left just typ it here and i will...
He cannot kill anyone.
Not likely as it would not be a smart strategic move. The devil has to trick you into doing something which is not bound to happen if identity is revealed. It is only dangerous if you don't recognize him for what he is when appears to be harmless.
Go take your god loving self and preach to your own chior!
This is a video game toy, it has nothing to do with Satan (the  devil) as it pertains to monotheistic religeons.