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Reincarnation is the belief that a soul will keep being reborn into new bodies. Depending on the belief, the soul can come back as a plant, animal, or another person. Beliefs on reincarnation are different all over the world. Some religions or cultures do not believe in reincarnation at all, but for others it is a very strong part of their society.
it affects how they treat animals because they consider all life sacred
In Hinduism, the Hindu people devote their lives in their religion in order to achieve perfect understand or Moksha . Though, most do not reach Moksha in one lifetime, so through reincarnation it allows the soul to be born again multiple times until it finally reaches Moksha. Importance of...
I'm not sure about Mr. Sheen but I have heard actress Shirley MacLaine believes in it.
Many hindus came to honor gautama as a reincarnation of the god Vishnu
IN fact reincarnation never strengthened the divisions, it actuallyunited people. In India they believe in many lives and peopleconsider their problems as part of this life and they have hope tobecome better in the next life.
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Answer the difference is this: In Buddhism there is no eternal soul to be reborn--Straight from textbook Answer The difference between the reincarnation of Hinduism and rebirth in Buddhism is that the former involves a soul transmigrating from one life to another; the latter does not....
Hindu's believe that people reincarnate, meaning that once they die, they are reborn as somebody/something else. If you lead a good life, you will come back in a better situation- closer to the god(s). And then again if you live a good life you will come back in an even better situation. This...
Reincanation is a belief and not an absolute fact. When we die it is the end of our soul and this is the absolute fact. Purpose of a Belief: At the dawn of civilization Self-control was banned and was replaced with divine, social and legal controls. Self-control was banned because it gave the...
because you think your body is you, so you try to satisfy yourbody's needs, so you have reincarnation. Only when you find thereal you is no body then no more reincarnation for you.
He believes in reincarnation to a point. He does not believe in the Caste hierarchy associated with reincarnation. He believes human life to be the most precious and plant, mineral, animal at one level below that. He also believes one can in ones lifetime become one with God (Gurmookh) and after...
x̱anjii or in Yupik Unangax/Alutiiq
Hindu have strong belief life after death and they believe that every individual again take birth in different form (either in any species or if human again then in any class and creed) according to the karma (work) of previous life.
There is no geographic location specifically to reincarnation.Asia, with the largest human population probably have morebelievers in reincarnation, possibly followed by Europe.
it is believed that if you were a perfect person, you would spend the after life in the form of a human. if you led a bad life, you spend the after life as an animal. this encourages people to be as good people as possible.
Some do; whether or not someone is a scientist has nothing to do with it.
I have read the Quran. I believe there is a mentioned ofreincarnation in the major religions.
Hinduism does believe in reincarnation. Your 'soul' transmigrates from one body to another. One analogy is water being poured from one cup into another. Hinduism believes in the soul as a 'fixed' entity while Buddhism does not. So, Buddhism does not believe in reincarnation as such. Buddhists...
There is no relation caste system is nothign but classificationbased on the work they do. Over a period of time it became sort ofofficial by the rulers such as British or Islam who invaded India.classification is universal rule, you can find classifications inchristianity , Islam and everywhere....
when you die some people believe you get reincarnated. you come back to earth alive in another body.
no it does not exist the Bible sais after you die your spirit will go to heaven or hell and you will not be someone else after you di People that are adherents to some religions believe so.
there are REASONS to believe reincarnation, but as to PURPOSE --formy own studies and views.. the whole matter seems to hinge not on reality.. but to the factthat some people are fearing death and to comfort themselves thisbelief that there is a purpose seems highly questionable. sOME WORLD...
The caste system was strengthened by the belief that there was such thing as reincarnation because people in the lower castes tried to have good karma and by doing this, they weren't rude or unkind to those in a higher caste.
The basic foundation on which Hinduism stands is on the concept of reincarnation. If this part is omitted then all other principles will have loop holes. The concept of dharma and karma and reincarnation are all interconnected. Every time you are born, you are carrying the karmic debts of all your...
No Buddhists believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation requires a soul to pass into the next life, a vital and indispensable aspect of Buddhism is Anatta, or 'no soul'. Most Buddhists believe in rebirth, that after their death the karma they have accumulated in their life but not paid for will be...
Moksha is achieving perfection, completeness of knowledge, which isnothing but God, the ultimate truth. If you keep Dharma and keepdoing your Karma, you learn from your experiences and attainknowledge in every birth and finally reach the truth, completenessof knowledge, that is perfection, which is...
death is only for the body, not for the soul. soul attain knowledgein every birth and will reach the completion of knowledge, theperfection, truth, which is God, Once you reach the level of truth,you will be born again. One attained Moskha at that stage.
The thought of reincarnation is like opening up a world ofknowledge. it gives you some sort of realization. Why rebel?
In a way. He believed that some traits passed down from your ancestors, such as the reason we are afraid of the dark today is because there were dangerous things in the dark in the times of early man.
can't tell. But that is part of HIndu samskara.
this is again catholic is a sematic religion. It is controlled bychurch and a leader. They have strict rules laid by church. I thinkreincarnation more of a spiritual matter, as catholic is more ofreligion per say.
It is not a strict religion....One is free to think!
Karma relates to reincarnation because without karma you can't be reincarnated as something as a higher or lower being. .Exactly. My teacher explained karma to me like this: You kill some one, then they kill you in your next life. When you are reincarnated.
Answer .Incarnation is the embodiment of a deity or spirit in some earthly form..Reincarnation is just incarnating again. Do and redo...same difference.
Anything. You could be born again as a human, animal, bird, plant, fish, insect, etc. Your birth is determined by your past deeds.
It is not correct. If anyone says he is a incarnation of someone, this cannot be true because according to Hindu mythology, soul takes new birth and carries sanskaars only with it and not memories.
No two people can be reincarnated into one person. A body isoccupied by one soul.
no. Jesus was good, not a murderer of MILLIONS of people. Hitler killed Jews, Jesus was a Jew, so no.
Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that each person has a soul that will experience succesive rebirths until they achieve Moksha (release from the cycle).
No, the belief that an intangible "soul" is reborn in one or more successive existences, which may be human or animal is believed to be reborn in another body is not considered a bible teaching by Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that at death a person ceases to exist. For further...
Every religion have caste system. There are plenty of differentchristians and Islams you can find.
when a person dies, they believe if the person was good they will be born again into a beautiful creature, but if you are bad you will turn into an ant or any other kind of bug.
You could also ask why Christians believe that people go to Heaven or Hell after they die, and Hindus do not. You would think that if people are reincarnated, that would be very easy to verify, since people would remember their past lives and would be born already knowing how to speak, and so forth ...
The following drama and horror films feature reincarnation as a key element:\n.\nCirculation (2008)\n.\nOm Shanti Om (2007)\n.\nBirth (2004)\n.\nMinimal Knowledge (2002)\n.\nLittle Buddha (1993)\n.\nBeing Human (1993)\n.\nDying To Remember (1993) [TV Movie]\n.\nDead Again (1991)\n.\nDeja Vu...
India has over a billion people. The people are diverse with a variety of beliefs. The people of India practice every religion conceivable. While it is true that the most popular religion in India is Hinduism there are substantial amounts of Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists. If you ever visit...
Jesus wasn't reincarnated He was resurrected and all disciples except Judas Iscariot saw Him. (Judas hanged himself after betraying Jesus).
Hindu belief is people's aim of life is to achieve the truth, theultimate knowledge, completeness of knowledge, which is God. Soevery birth the soul acquire more knowledge and get closer toperfection. After so many births, they achieve the perfection byhaving every knowledge possible and attain...
Yes.. Sri Raghavendra Swamy had clarified it when he went to Pandara pura.
See link "Law of Karma" below
Yes. Hinduism believes that this is not our first birth. When someone dies, it is only the body that dies. The spiritual essence of the person lives on and carries with it subtle impressions (samskaras) of past actions (karmas). When the time is right, the spiritual essence incarnates in a new body....
It effects not only Hindu's, but everyone on this planet. We can all relate to Karma even if you don't want to believe it, it's the most logical explanation as to why one person is living good and the other isn't. Reincarnation is when a soul takes another body. In other religions you get one...
Richard Smoley ( Forbidden Faith ) tells us that the early Church Father, Origen taught of reincarnation and that it was never specifically rejected by the Church, although many Christian theologians have dismissed or derided it. Today it is often claimed that the doctrine was rejected by the...
Hindus believe that when they die their body disintegrates but their soul is eternal and thus enters another body. They believe that the migration of soul from a dead body to a new body is reincarnation. Most Hindus fail to understand the symbolic meaning of reincarnation. Reincarnation has...
Nirvana is a state of perfect peace used for meditating.. Reincarnation is the rebirth based on your karma whether good or bad
Buddhism, Hinduism, and some native American religions, sikhs also do. All I know is: Buddism, Sinkhism, Islam, Hinduism, daocism, confusionism, african and some uneducated people's religion.
Reincarnation in Hinduism means the rebirth of someone. Now it depends on what caste you are in, because below the Vaishya caste you cannot be reborn again.
Reincarnation is the belief by many people, regardless of their religion. Even some atheists believe in reincarnation. REAL ANSWER No, Catholics do not believe in reincarnation. Not officially. ;)
When you reach a state of nirvana (nibbana [sanskrit])you are supposedly able to choose if you wish to be reborn.
Yellow, Pink, White (it's the colors not on the painting)
they do not believe in it. it is no where in the bible
People there know how to recognize it. Also, because it is part of the Hindu religion and that area is heavily Hindu, perhaps Hindus are the ones getting reincarnated while people from other religions such as Christianity go to Heaven/Hell (or whatever their designated afterlife is).
No, reincarnation does not exist because we are a particular man and woman's son or daughter in the spirit as well as in the flesh. Besides, who would want to keep returning to Earth?
i think he is but I'm not sure, i found a picture saying it but i don't know if its true. hope this helps.
From a neutral perspective it's because we need some hope or something to look forward. It's the same with heaven and hell. Me speaking as a Buddhist, because it makes sense. The necessity of belief in reincarnation: To understand reincarnation we must understand the mechanism called...
Reincarnation is the belief that you come back as another person or animal. As far as I know there are no specifics as to whether you would remember your previous life or not. Life after death refers to a number of beliefs. The most obvious being Heaven and Hell (or equivalent) as people's bodies'...
Some people believe that after we die, that we are reincarnated -which means that our souls are born again into another body. Thereare diverse theories regarding reincarnation. Some of those viewsare: *People who believe in reincarnation believe that after they dietheir souls go into another body...
No. They believe in a cycle of rebirth, within Samsara, rebirth ends when a person becomes enlightened. Until they do, however, their karma continues until it is all spent. The cycle of rebirth will go on and on, but not continually. It will end.
Because it was easier to rule a population who believed in the one-birth theory..You were judged at death and welcomed to Heaven or sent to Hell for eternity.
It is used in majority of Indian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism.
Reincarnation originated from another dimension of understanding.
I don't think so. It was the karmic accumulation causes from the past life that makes effect to the present life. Answer: Many of the ideas in the west on reincarnation come from movies and TV shows where the person puts on a new body fully aware of his past and sets off to right wrongs etc....
The type of Buddhism is PURE LAND BUDDHISM
Yes, Buddhists believe in reincarnation. But your next life will depend on your previous life. If in your previous life you were bad, lazy, etc., you would not have a good life later on. But if you were caring, nice, charitable, etc. in your previous life, you would have a good life.
reincarnation is the ideo that your consciousness will be reborn, on this earth. Karma is the idea that you will be reborn accourding to their deeds
A: The early Church Father, Origen was certainly a Christian and he taught reincarnation. Origen's teaching of reincarnation was never specifically rejected by the Church, but you would be hard pressed to find an authority in any denomination of the modern Church who would support those views.
Nowhere. The Bible teaches that after death, a person goes to either Heaven or Hell. See the following Scriptures:.Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:.Philippians 1:23-24 For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with...
Some Hindus believe Gautama Buddha is one of the 10 avatars / reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.
It means: you're going to hell for believing that.
If you are bad in you're first life you will be reincarnated to a lower caste
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Whene Sidharta was born the Brahamese ruled religion
his great grand son will reincarnate king arthur and when it happens it will go on forever and will never end
Which product does IBM propose in its "Reincarnating PCs with Portable Soul Pads" paper?