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Quinine is a chemical with anti-inflammatory properties that is used to treat headaches and malaria. It is a common ingredient in tonic water due to its bitter taste.
Mosquitoes are insects that can cause malaria.
No, but canada dry tonic does
No,Club Soda does not have quinine,Tonic Water and it will help relieve cramps but you must also continue to hydrate you body with water.
Cinchona or Quina is a genus of about 38 species in the family Rubiaceae, native to the tropical Andes forests of western South America. They are medicinal plants, known as sources for quinine and other compounds.
Quinine is the "drug" from the bark of Cinchona tree that has got antiparasitic properties. It can be used against Malaria.
 ==Quinine in Tonic Water==  Tonic water containing quinine is used in gin and tonic drinks.  Originally, this was for the anti-malarial qualities of quinine.  In the United States, although quinine is a prescription drug, tonic water containing quinine is readily available in...
I have always fond it a great way of getting almost instant relief from cramps. Just have a big drink of tonic water made with quinine and the cramp goes. It would be a good idea to find out why you are getting the cramps however. simply taking a mineral supplement or a sports drink prior to or...
  I have stopped drinking alcohol for over 20 months (wasn't a regular drinker previously) but I have to go into pubs for meals, etc.. So for the last 20 months I drink tonic water with my pub meal. However, I find that EVERY time I drink 2 or more tonic waters I get a headache akin to a...
To prevent and or treat malaria.
George Washington Carver
Quinine has a number of side effects, including nausea, ear-ringing, and hypoglycemia. You can see all of the side effects listed at WebMD.
Common: Diarrhea; dizziness; headache; nausea; nervousness; restlessness; stomach cramps and vomiting.Severe: allergic reactions, unusual vision changes, chest pain, confusion, trouble urinating, hearing loss, or ringing in the ears, abnormal heart rhythms.
No, a U.S. physician cannot write a prescription for quinine in  Canada. In Canada, it is required by law that a prescription be  signed by a Canadian physician. If your U.S. doctor has written a  prescription, the only way you could get it filled would be to  consult with a Canadian doctor and...
It s a natural substance from bark. Also great for severe cramp in tablet form known as quinnine bisulphate
Quinine was first discovered by the Quechua, who are indigenous to Peru. The most common form of Quinine was discovered by Charles Marie de La Condamine in 1737.
  My understanding is that quinine is used to treat malaria...I've never heard of it being used to treat ADD or ADHD.
No quinine is more for malaria. It is an anti-protozoal. Mixing antibiotics with quinine is not the best idea. It increases antibiotics side effects.
  It has been used to treat malaria (sometimes called "ague" in history), but isn't always effective for it nowadays. (The strains mutate and evolve quickly.)
Yes if you hold a black light by it it will glow only real quinine does that
this is prescribed by a physician for treatment and prevention of malaria
Quinine was pulled from shelves a few years ago, due to adverse effects on the heart
is it safe to drink tonic water if taking cumadin?
  The quinine bush, also called bearbrush and feverbush, is an evergreen shrub of the silk-tassel family found on dry slopes from central California to Oregon. The leaves have some of the same medicinal properties as the drug quinine, which comes from the bark of the cinchona tree.
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  Quinine has no effect on Methadone detoxification.
That is the correct spelling of "quinine" (alkaloid from tree bark used medicinally).
  It is a carbonated beverage flavored with quinine. Also called tonic water
You can figure this question out by looking up quinine to find its chemical formula. The number of moles of hydrogen will be the number of hydrogen in the chemical formula. Once you see the chemical formula is C20H24N2O2 then you know that there are 24 moles of hydrogen for every one mole of quinine...
 ==Quinine for RLS==  It's the quinine itself that helps RLS (whether its in capsules or some other form, not just quinine water). Quinine has been used for years (since WW II) for nocturnal leg cramps. It helps by vasodilation (relaxes smooth muscle which causes increased blood flow)....
The equation of quinine is C20H24N2O2, so all we do is multiply 24  Hydrogen atoms by Avagadro's number (6.02E23). 24 x 6.02E23= 1.448E25.
Not anymore except Beverly, a specific coca cola. However, cocacola used to contain quinine.
The word was first used circa 1826. It comes from the Spanish word quina, meaning "cinchona bark" (from which it is extracted), from Quechua (Peru) kina.
It is a weak base, not an acid. No wonder its excretion is improved by acidification of urine
Tonic water,or at least it used to.
Quinine is used regularly to cut heroin,and is not well known because the process usually happens early on in production when using quinine. it is usually undetectable and actually will intesify the drugs effects,while also adding g to profit. Many cases of heroin overdose are actually quinine...
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  it is true & very fastly using antibacterial agent
You can get tonic water with quinine in it at the grocery store usually with the drink mixers. I use it for leg cramps.    Answer:   The brand Schwepps contains quinine, and is available in the US and Europe.You can get it from Walgreens or Walmart. You can find couple of brands selling...
No, it is not a treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It is good if you have trouble with muscle cramps though.
To give it the distinctive bitter taste.
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Yes with gin in it ....it's a relaxant and anti depressive.
The clarity of this question is not clear. I will assume grams and possibly moles as that number does not look like a number of atoms. Grams first, then moles. 4.0 X 102 grams quinine (1 moleC20H2N2O2/302.236 grams)(2 moles N/1 mole C20H2N2O2)=2.6 moles nitrogen===============Pretty much the...
2.0 X 10 -2 moles C20H24N2O2 (2 moles N/1 mole C20H24N2O2)=4.0 X 10 -2 moles of nitrogen====================
Quinine tablets are used for the disease Malaria and also for leg cramps. Quinine tablets are by prescription only and can't be bought over the counter.
  i am not really sure, but i hope not because im 13 and just drank a huge glass of what i thought was tonic water and i now found out it is quinine. if anyone knows if it is acholol or not will you please answer.
Quinine is a drug used to treat malaria. It is neither a stimulant nor a depressant.
  Bark of the Chinchona tree, indigenous to South America.
The fluorescence of quinine is stronger in sulfuric acid solutions.
Quinine is measured in milligrams.
Quinine: C20H24N2O21 mole Quinine contains 24 moles of hydrogen0.8 moles of Quinine contains 24*0.8=19.2 moles of hydrogen
Quinine is a drug with chemical formulaC 20 H 24 N 2 O 2 . In eachmolecule of quinine there are 20 carbon atoms. Thus in 4.0 moles ofquinine, there would be 80 moles of carbon.
 ==Answer==  There are 80mg in 1 liter of Quine Water, so figure it out.
Quinine - 1917 was released on: USA: 20 May 1917
a little bit, it is in heroin, and heroin is addictive
  Quinine has been shown to cause birth defects when taken as early as the 1st trimester. It would be safe to eliminate it from your diet altogether.
quinine is used to treat malaria
Quinine comes from the bark of the cinchona tree.
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Basic   "is alkaline to litmus, but not to phenolphthalein. Its solution in  diluted sulphuric acid has a strong blue fluorescence, perceptible  1 in 200,000, which is destroyed by the halogen acids,  hyposulphites, and other substances. Quinine is a strong base with  an alkaline reaction in...
The minimum level of quinine in soft drinks is 57mg/L in the UK but  varies from country to country, for instance, the Dutch have a  minimum of 40mg/L. The maximum is 100mg/L in the UK and Australia  but may also be different for other countries.
  Yes, according to Wilkipedia. (In some cases such as injection into a nerve)   Keith Wilsdorf   keithwilsdorf@yahoo.com
Reducing fever and other symptoms associated with Malaria.
  Not much. The FDA limits it to 83mg per liter. You can also get quinine by prescription if you need more.
(Previous answer) : No Updated on March 5, 2010: I'd like to see an expansion of this unique question. From August, 2009 until October 2009 I had the most severe gout inflammations I had ever experienced. My gout first appeared in the winter of 2003. After switching to a vegetarian diet my gout had...
  it helps the fever when you come down with malaria, also as a preventable source for malaria as well.
 A substance such as quinine glows because when absorbed light photons release photons of another wavelength. When the absorbed photons are in the ultraviolet range and the triggered emission is in the visible spectrum, a substance will glow under black light.  
  From wikipedia: "Because of its relatively constant and well-known fluorescence quantum yield, quinine is also used in photochemistry as a common fluorescence standard" See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinine and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tonic_water_uv.jpg
can you give a dog homeopathic quinine
Cinchona Tree (Cinchona officinalis)
Realistically? None. Homeopathic medications are heavily diluted. The quinine dilution is a 3x (or approximately 1.5 c) dilution. So for the sake of easy math lets say it's an even 2c dilution. That means the quinine is diluted 1 part quinine in 100 parts dilution (like water) and part of that...
I never heard of it. But quinine is easily available so you could prepare quinine water on your own. Use 100 ml/l as staring point.
It depends on the dose. Unless your living in a third world Country being treated for malaria, you should probably not consume large amounts of it.
  That would be Malaria, in French it literally means 'bad air'. At the time, gases or bad elements in the air were thought to be the source of the incurable disease. Now we know that mosquitoes carry it. I know malaria from an unfortunately intimate point of view: I caught a strain of it in...