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Pokemon GO is a Pokemon game where you can hunt Pokemon in the real world, as well as catching, battling (solo and group battles), collecting, and trading Pokemon all using the GPS on your phone. It was developed by Niantic Labs in a Partnership with the Pokemon company.
Great question. Here's how:    Tap your avatar (player picture) on the bottom left of the main  screen.   Tap the menu on the bottom right.  Tap Buddy.  It will give you the screen where you can choose your buddy  Pokémon.     Note: Your buddy Pokemon won't show as walking with...
All the pokemons can beat other pokemon (depending the cp)
No pokemon GO doesn't have all the pokemon,Pokemon Go doesn't haveThe legendarys
No. Pokemon GO is just for phones and tablets. Even though the  console is more mobile than most, it really isn't designed for  Pokemon GO.
Yes, they have been increased by 16.7% They are increased by that  much in my location since the 26th.
The perks were double xp, the buddy Pokemon walk distance was cutdown by x4, there were increased spawns in Gastly, Haunter, Gengar,Cubone, Marowak, Drowzee and Hypno, and double candy fortransferring, eggs and catches.
you have to go near a body of water and find an aquatic pokemon  that has the candy bonus
The shield with a countdown represents how long you have until youcan claim your prize for owning a gym.
Yes. It became even more famous when Pokemon GO was released, and a  lot of people who had never tried Pokemon before started checking  it out. Now that the Generation 7 games are out, there is still a  very vast user base, and some people who were introduced to the  brand by the Pokemon GO...
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They're back in Kanto. Ash and Pikachu are in Sinnoh. Oh and Ash's original Pokemon are at Oak's lab.
They go to the pal park this is located on route Route 221.
  well every 200 steps it gains 1 EXP point so it depens on how many steps you go
u go 2 your PC box and press a Pokemon, it says realease
No, they will stay at that level for ever - even if you do train them loads.
GO to PC select bebe or someone's PC. select move Pokemon. click on the Pokemon u want to erase. 1 of the choices iwll be release.
  anywhere but make sure you have the move scary face cause they tend to runaway   anywhere but make sure you have the move scary face cause they tend to runaway
Bebe's PC. She lives in a house next to the Pokemon center in one of the cities. It is alright though, she doesnt take your Pokemon :P
Ok there are two different awnsers for this   1.If you let them free at veilstone city   A:They will not be at the lakes....You go straight to the top of mt.cornet   2.Help them in the diamention world   A:they return to there lake and you can capture them if you want to.
Onyx is a base pokemon. But, it can evolve into Steelix which can be done by giving it the METAL COAT to hold, and then trading it. Alternatively, you can catch its evolved form, Steelix, in Cliff Cave between Cian Wood City and the Safari Zone.
  to the wild unless its a theres only 1 becuss that 1 dies
No-- but I think you can use the Action Replay, or there might be a glitch that can make you Pokemon over lvl. 100. In the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, a glitch (called the ZZAZZ glitch) will make your Pokemon lvl. 153.
Yes, by using the HM Dive.
He disappears....no one knows where he goes...its a glitch in the programming of the original Pokemon games.
no sorry. it cant even gain xp points when its lv.100!
Lv 'X' is a Pokemon card level.Level 'X' does not exist in Pokemon games.
Rotom can go into dishwashers, refrigerators, T.Vs and Stoves
Who told you there is one. Whoever told you that is a big, fat, liar! If you thought that yourself, think again, dude! You should stop playing Pokemon! Your probally 11-15 yrs. old, I am correct? So stop playing Pokemon! It kills brain cells! Well, that's what I have heard. Don't kill those brain...
She went back to the Cerulian gym.
Hypnosis, sleep powder, stuff like that...
  Only by the use of a cheat device (eg. gameshark) or, in the original red and blue games, Pokemon over lv.100 could be caught in the wild using the missingno. glitch. However, if the latter were used in a battle and earned experience (there is no exp. gain in link battles, so you could use...
water, leaf, fighting, psychic, electric, there are a few good normal Pokemon too. if these are not available try and stick with electric and water