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US Presidents

The US President is the head of state and the head of the federal government of the United States of America. The president's power is checked and balanced by the two other branches of the US Government, which are Congress and the Supreme Court.
Yes. He died at age 3 of scarlet fever in January 2, 1921.
The alien and sedition laws which Adams approved  of, were quite unpopular and were a campaign issue, since Jefferson  who was running against Adams was against them .
==Answer==  Catholics are COMPLETELY against stem cell research.   Another Answer   Catholics are completely against embryonic stem cell research, which is completely immoral because it involves harvesting and destroying human embryos - infants.   Catholics support adult stem cell...
Four: English, French, Italian, Spanish. Her major in college was in French literature, and Spanish/Italian are similar to French so she was able to write and speak them as well, though less fluently then her French and certainly her English. She spoke fluent French since she was a child. It...
The current president's running mate from the last election is MikePence, former Governor of Indiana.
  He jacked off the rest of his life :)
yes   Obama will win!!! and if u cared about the enviorment and the economy than you would vote for him!!!!!
\nNo. There is a video on Youtube now that someone graciously uploaded.
  You must be at leat 35 years of age   You must be a US citizen
The state of Michigan has five national parks. These include  Keweenaw National Historical Park, Pictured Rocks National  Lakeshore, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Isle Royale  National Park and River Raisin National Battlefield Park.
No. He urged the Donner Party to take a shortcut which caused the party unnecessary hardship. If the Donner Party had not taken the shortcut, they would have made it to Sacramento before snow came to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
1792, but his second term was from 1793-1797
Lincoln,Nebraska,  Jefferson city, Missouri and Madison, Wisconsin are the three state capitals in the Mid-West.
The value varies depending what has been signed. An autographed picture might sell at $300 to $500 or more . An autopen signature on plain paper is worth far less. Authenticity is always a serious concern with autographs. The related links should help you get a feel for the value of autographs. You...
Liberating Western Tennessee and then the whole Mississippi by capturing the last Confederate stronghold on the river.Finding a way to get rations and supplies across the river to the starving Union army at Chattanooga.Masterminding the Overland campaign, while directing Sherman to take on Joe...
Napoleon. He needed the money to fund his war shenanigans so he  sold all his uncolonized land in North America to Thomas Jefferson.
Yes. He was very fond of the French culture and political system.
Lincoln was actually for slavery for a while. He didn't really care much about slavery problems until the early 1860s. I think he either changed his mind or he thought it would be good for his next election.
Thomas Jefferson is known as the "Father of the Declaration." He  was very well educated, having private tutors as a child and going  to the college of William and Mary as a young adult. He  particularly looked to the ideas and beliefs of John Locke, who  believed that a proper government should...
'Great', meaning highly successful - yes.If you mean 'Did he possess the quality of human greatness?' - no.
Electors of the Electoral College in the United States are chosen  by the respective political parties. The actual process varies from  state to state.
The man's name was al-Zaidi! I hope this was helpful!
No, he died 6 years after he left office.
Teddy Roosevelt encouraged Panamanian rebels to revolt and declareindependence from Colombia.
A+   He served one four-year term as President of the United States.
The Fourteen Points were a series of proposals drawn up by  President Wilson that outlined his goals for a just and lasting  peace. They were used as the basis for Treaty of Versailles which  ended World War I.
yes he did-however he did not want to be seen wearing them while in public.
Yes, everyone has to pay for their usage of electricity and water.The white house is not exempt of this.
Obama became the first black president
The name of the ship JFK served on was called PT-109.
john Quincy Adams ,susannna,johothan,James
Had stolen the Republican Nomination from Roosevelt who had then  walked out with his supporters and ran under the Progressive Party  Platform
A simple character who was good at simplifying problems.A good judge of soldiers.Steady, unflappable, well-suited to a long war of attrition.
Violating his oath of office (defending the Constitution of the United States) Health, personal, or professional reasons that make the president unable to do the job (known as presidential incapacitation)
No but Rick Hendrix was elected a delegate in North Carolina for the Democratic party   I spoke to a lady and she said Rick Hendrix was working with Hillary Clinton.
The Revolutionary War & The Continental Army •80,000 militia and Continental Army soldiers served at the heightof the war. However, men and militias were constantly entering andleaving their volunteer service •55,000 Americans served as privateers during the war •25,000 Revolutionary...
Hillary graduated at the bottom of her class.
First you need to understand clearly what editors do : they read  pieces written for publication and correct spelling, grammar,  punctuation, and style. You need to have at least a bachelor's  degree in some subject, preferably in English, communications, or  journalism. Then you need to go to...
There was no presidential election in l965. Johnson was elected in l964, he had finished out Kennedy"s term when Kennedy was assasinated in l963, so had some experience in the Hot seat of power. He ran against Barry Goldwater.
There will always be differing views about this sort of thing, but many believe Lincoln was a good president for abolishing slavery in the United States.
regan is 9 years old
Hamid Karzai is the President. Afghanistan no longer has a Prime Minister.
He had a Scottish Terrier named Fala.
Yes, he had one kid. Her name was Margarete.
Benjamin Franklin ($100 bill) and Alexander Hamilton ($10) are the only non-presidents on current US notes. ( The $10,000 bill picturing Salmon P. Chase has been removed from circulation in order to make large cash transactions more difficult.)
Only two presidents have been impeached. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
  Britain ran Kenya as a colony, with no African input from the late 19th Century.
unanlienable rights are those right that cannot be repeated orrestrained by human law
The phrase "E Pluribus Unum" does NOT describe the denomination of a coin.
first Benjamin Harrison in 1889, then William McKinley in 1897.
George W. Bush (Republican) had 55 seats in the Senate after the 2004 elections. Under President Ronald Reagan the Republicans won 54 seats in the Senate after the 1982 elections. President Eisenhower also had a Republican Senate, but his was only a 48 seats majority because Hawaii and Alaska were...
He's a demagogue in the eyes of the Left wing because he lasted 8 years, made a political comeback in 1996 after losing his Congress in 1994, and ended his presidency with high approval ratings. At least, this is what his supporters say. Quite frankly, I think he's a demagogue to them because he's...
Well sice slavery doesn't exist anymore except in the southern states so someone ould not make you a slave
No.. His office was in Penn. The White House was being made after his presidency
No William jennings Bryan was never elected president of the united states because he always lost.
He attended an elite private school, the Punahou School in Honolulu. He graduated in 1979.
It wasn't a farm but a plantation called Mt. Vernon. He had large  acres of crops, a distillery, and herds.
Jimmy Carter is the only graduate of the US Naval Academy to serve as President of the United States.Only Jimmy Carter was a Naval Academy graduate.
He became president in 1797 at age 57.
Below are the numbers of popular votes from 1996. Results from all  51 elections are listed. Only those who received at least 10% of  the votes are listed by name. States are in order by 1990  population.   California:   * 5,119,835 votes (51.10%) - Bob Dole * 3,828,380 votes (38.21%) - ...
He said that black people should have the same rights as a white person
The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by President Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830.[1][2]President Andrew Jackson called for an Indian Removal Act in his 1829 speech on the issue.The Removal Act was strongly supported in the South, where states were eager to gain access to lands inhabited by the...
These are still very common. You should be able to buy one for 25 cents or less from a stamp dealer.