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Mathematical Finance

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Mathematical finance is a field in applied mathematics that focuses on financial markets. At present, several universities around the world offer research programs and a degree in mathematical finance.
Gross income usually is the money someone or something has earnedbefore any deductions such as taxes, expenses, or promotion hasbeen deducted. If you are receiving money after such expenses havebeen deducted, you are receiving money based on NET income.
If you want your yearly gross, multiply your bi-weekly figure by26.
Answer .The Stem and Leaf plot was first used by John Tukey around 1977 in a study of volcanos..John Tukey was a mathematician and statistician who is credited with first using the term software to describe the programs that run on computers.
Well lets calculate that 3.25% for a month is $325.00 so if you times that by 12 months it would be $3,900 for a year, in 3 years it would be $11,700 in interest plus the capital of 10,000. So at the end of those 3 yrs. you'll need to pay back the full amount of $22,700. I just did the math for...
270.45378502 PI* 10**8=427316 miles (i think)
Lots of things. Could you be more specific?
It was called the 1890's (Eighteen-nineties)It was called the 1890's (Eighteen-nineties)
It's 1 hour and 40 minutes so or 100/60=about 1.667 hours
22845 minutes=22845/60 hours=380 3/4 hours
1 kilometer is bigger than 999 meters. Therefore, 1000 meters is bigger than 999 meters.
0.85 hours at 60 minutes per hour is .85*60 or 51 minutes, so 3hours 51 minutes
28 square meters equals 301.4 square feet.
1 hour=60 minutes. You now have all the information required to answer this and similar questions.
Interest for 1st year=$6 Principal after 1 year=$206 Interest for 2nd year=$6.18 Principal after 2 year=$212.18 Total Interest earned after 2 years=$12.18
$15,100 .25,000 - 1,900=23,100 [total depreciation after 7 years] .23,100 / 7 years=3,300 per year [amount of depreciation each year] .3,300 per year * 3 years=9,900 [amount of depreciation after three years] .25,000 - 9,900=15,100 [value after three years of depreciation]
No, a hectare is much bigger. A hectare is equal to 10,000 meterssquare.
Area of the triangle (1/2 x base x height)=1/2 x 2 km x 3 km=3 km 2
a lot * * * * * A million of them.
3/10=x/60 10x=180 x=18 The subway car would pass 18 stations each hour.
I think you are mixing two or more different concepts. 2 1/4 is a mixed number. (mixed because it has a whole number "2" and a fraction "1/4") 9/4 is an improper fraction. It is improper because the top number of a fraction (numerator) is supposed to be a smaller number than the bottom number ...
Doen't anybody care that the binary numbers at the head of thepage is incorrect? There is no 11, although the answer below iscorrect. .1 10 11 100 101 110 111 1000 1001 1010 1011 1100 1101 1110 1111 10000 10001 10010 10011 10100
1. 1 2. 10 3. 11 4. 100 5. 101 6. 110 7. 111 8. 1000 9. 1001 10. 1010 11. 1011 12. 1100 13. 1101 14. 1110 15. 1111 16. 10000 17. 10001 18. 10010 19. 10011 20. 10100
capital is, lowercase isnt.
it would be 3.14=ie so it would be 12.56
In hour there are 60 minutes, you divide it by 15 minutes you'll have 4. So there are 4 bacterias in 1 hour. You'll multiply 4 by 24 hours and you'll have 92. Therefore there are 92 bacterias reproduced in 24 hours.
Indirect labor is considered a period cost because it can't betraced by to the product. If a cost can be traced back to aproduct, then it is considered a product cost.
That really depends on how many hours per week you work, lets assume you work 37 hours per week, 62,000 divided by 52 weeks=1,192.30 per week, divided by 37 hours=32.22 per hour.
One third (or 1/3) Explanation: There are 60 minutes in an hour. If you had the whole amount this would be: 60/60=1 (hour) Since you only have 20 of those minutes, the fraction is: 20/60 This reduces as: 20/60=1/3
assets - are property of right or property owned by the business liabilities - are financial obligation or depts of the business, in favor of persons other than the owner or owners capitals - represent the equity of the business after the amount of depts to to outsiders are deducted,capital is...
30 minutes. One hour is 60 minutes, so to find the half you divide60/2.
Binary 1000 1010 converted to decimal is: (1*128) + (0*64) + (0*32) + (0*16) + (1*8) + (0*4) + (1*2) + (0*1)=128 + 8 + 2=138
The last decade of the second century.
Based on a 40-hour work schedule per week, $30K per year divided by 52 weeks equates to about $576.923 a week. That number divided by 40 hours equals to about $14.423 per hour.
80 liters=80,000 milliliters
5 hours and 45 minutes, or 5 3/4 hours.
I assume you mean what is the answer of 1x1 in binary. Obviously the answer to 1x1 is 1. In binary the base ten 'one' is 1. If you mean the 1's in binary you can convert to decimal (they stay 1) and then multiply (getting 1) then convert back to binary (1)
60 minutes per hour x 2 hours=180 minutes+ 15 minutes=195 minutes
Exact answer is 8 and 1/3 or 25/3 ....if you want to know how many times it goes into 100000 fully excluding rounding, its 8.
1/2 of a decade is 5 years.
Answer 1: $1,296 a week Answer 2: $1,296 per week. Gross, pre-tax. Assuming the standard 20% cut to the government, $1,036.80 take home pay (net).
This cannot be sensibly answered. Milliliters (mL or ml) is ameasure of volume, grams is a measure of weight or mass.
There are 10 centimetres in one decimetre. Therefore, 80 decimetres is equal to 80 x 100=800 centimetres.
60 minutes=1 hour 5 hours=5 x 60=300 minutes. If 3 radios are produced every minute then in 300 minutes, 3 x 300=900 radios are produced. 900 radios are produced in 5 hours.
Radius=1/2 of diameter=7/2=3.5 inches
The basic equation for compounded interest is: FV=PV(1+i)^nt FV=future value PV=present value i=interest compounded per term n=number of times compounded per year t=number of years For this situation: FV=? PV=8000 i=.08 n=1 t=7 Plugging the numbers into the equations gives you FV=8000(1+.08)...
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A crore is 10 million.
In Latin, "minute" means small or tiny. In the 16th century, when a record was kept of official meetings, it was first written in shorthand, which was a very small or "minute" script. The text would later be transcribed into regular size. Thus the record was called the "minutes" of the meeting,...
4 centuries is 400 years and a leap year occurs every 4 years, therefore 100 leap years will occur in 4 centuries. 365*300 + 366*100=146100 days 1440 minutes in 1 day 1440*146100=210384000 minutes in 400 years
$480 per week. Divide 25,000 by 52 weeks in a year.
A trailer this size is 541.625 square meters.
1,400 square feet=130.06 square meters
An ancient method of converting decimal numbers to binary form is to halve the number until 1 is reached. When halving an odd number round down to the number below (13 halved=6 1 / 2 round down to 6). If the number is even then record a 0, if the number is odd then record a 1. 22 ................
An ancient method of converting decimal numbers to binary form is to halve the number until 1 is reached. When halving an odd number round down to the number below (13 halved=6 1 / 2 round down to 6). If the number is even then record a 0, if the number is odd then record a 1. 22 .................
I assume you're doing this for school, so I'll explain the answer. If it's 20% off, then it's 80% of the original price (100% is full price). Let's call the original price P, for Price. 80% of something is the same as multiplying that something by .8 (since you can always multiply something by...
Each hour has 60 minutes so 660 minutes divided by 60 minutes=11 hours. So 660 minutes is 11 hours