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Formula one is generally referred to or abbreviated as F1; this is the highest level of FIA-sanctioned bodies in opened wheel racing. FIA stands for Federationale de l' Automobile.
On January 25, 2010 USF1 announced the signing of Jose Maria Lopez of Argentina as a driver for the 2010 season. Lopez' experience includes test driving for Renault, one year driving F3000, and two years in GP2 where he won one race and finished on the podium seven times. The second driver has...
Ferrari, with 16 constructors championships
Formula One cars run at very low ground clearance levels. They are less than a few centimetres away from the actual race track and sometimes when drivers take turns in an aggressive fashion, the bottom plank even hits the ground at times. Since they are aerodynamically superior they can run at such...
the setup will affect the speed but the fastest done is 200 miles per hour/ 321 kilometres per hour
Ferrari has a huge lead in this category. They have consistentlybeen a top automobile corporation. Their reputation was greatlyenhanced when Michael Schmacher was an active driver for them.
it was last years when jenson button won
Improving the aerodynamics of the car is the main one. But even though there is a strict BHP limit, a good quality engine will considerably help speed. The quality of tyres.
Formula One is the top level of motor sport Only a handful of drivers ever make it to be an Formula One driver. .
Because they have high rpm. 17000-19000, that equals to about 300bhp per litre.
I'll answer this question for Nascar back to 1954, Larry Mann died in September 1954 @ Langhorne, Pa up to the most recent, Dale Earnhardt died in Feb. 18, 2001 @ (Daytona 500), all together 32 drivers have died in Nascar, racing, qualifying, practice, flying, tire test, etc..
Champ Clark, whose real name was James Beauchamp Clark, becamefamous as a politician. Clark served first in the US House ofRepresentatives from the 9th district of Missouri. Later, he servedas the 41st Speaker of the House.
On Indy Cars, there is a paddle located on the left side of the steering wheel known as the PIT LANE SPEED LIMITER PADDLE . This adjusts and limits the vehicle to the designated pit lane speed.
The current engine size for Formula One cars are 2.4 Litre V8's. This rule has been in place since the 2006 Season.
He used to live in Monaco but now lives in Guernsey
To acheive maximum aerodynamic effect while staying inside certain design parameters decided upon by the FIA
F1 Cars are way to fast to take hard corners. When you're goingover 200mph it's hard to turn on hard corners like hairpin cornersand still keep a constant speed, also the tires of F1 cars aren'tmeant for offroad and tough terrain. Trying to go full speed in anF1 car and make a sharp corner will most...
i would say about 1,800,000 GBP £ or even more.
Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso
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At 200 mph, a car would need to complete the 100 mile course in 30 minutes or less. At 100 mph, the car with engine problems would have already been on the course for 30 minutes. It would already be disqualified at that point.
In America, Formula One is currently broadcast on Speed Channel with Practice, Qualifying, and the Race all being showed live. The last two seasons, Five of the Grands Prix were broadcast on CBS tape delayed later in the day when more non-regular F1 viewers would be up to watch the races. During...
Jenson Button won the 2009 F1 World Championship.
The Monaco Grand Prix is held in Monte Carlo.
Michael Schumacher began racing Go-Karts at around the age of four.
He is probably in Heaven. Senna is a late formula one racing driver who died in a car crash accident during a F1 race.
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Typical F1 car of 700 horse powers will make noise at ~145 decibels. This means you can hear at the distance of 6 miles.
usually, Formula 1 drivers train and test in Jerez
kimi raikonnin won Lewis hamilton was close to winning he needed to come 5ht and came 7th
Lewis hamilton, ayaton senna or Michael shumacher
NASCAR is aimed at US audiences only. F1 is aimed at world-wide audiences.
As far as carbon fiber composites go, yes, quite easily.
currently held in Barcelona
You can't buy one. It is not up for sale. If one is it could be anywhere from 1 mill to 2 billion. They are very high tech and have all the newest stuff. It is really impressive.
It"s located on the rear manifold, between the firewall and the engine for the upper oxygen sensor(b1s1), and between the catalyst converter and the resonator for the second oxygen sensor (b1s2), between the pipe and the floor.
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The speed is limited to 127mph and the RPM to 3k when in neutral or park.
The years season begins on March 14th with the Bahrain GP.
John DeLorean founded Grand Prix of America (GPA) as chairman with his younger brother, Jack, as president about the time he resigned from General Motors in 1972-1973. The concept was seven-tenths single seat formula cars driven against the clock on a paved road racing layout track with both left...
F1 tyres are filled with Nitrogen since it is a more stable gas than air
He will be driving for Mercedes GP in 2010. In Formula 1 he drove for Ferrari between 1996 and 2006, Benetton between 1992 and 1995 and Jordan in 1991 (for the last six races of the season).
Aryton Senna was probably the best Formula One driver who ever lived.
Felipe Massa was born on April 25, 1981.
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Alonso is a popular Spanish Last Name. So you cannot be sure if Alonso refers to a man or a woman. Fernando Alonso a two time F1 racing champion is a Man.
Driving the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, He had a mechanicalfailure, hit a wall head on at high speed, and he suffered numeroushead injuries from a wheel impact. Part of the car's suspensionalso penetrated his helmet visor. On lap 7 at San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, Senna was beingfollowed by...
How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?".How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?"
Lewis Hamilton drives for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.
Formula 1 is a very famous sport and is viewed live in almost all countries of the world.
Reflexes, being able to go fast, and keeping your cool trying to spend a ridiculous amount of time passing other cars going the same speed
Formula1 got started in 1950
Ferenc Szisz became the 1st winner of the Grand Prix held at Le Mans, France in 1906.
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Where is BCM located on 2001Grand Prix
Drivers: 10 Championships: 14 .Jackie Stewart - 3 .Jim Clark - 2 .Graham Hill - 2 .Mike Hawthorn - 1 .John Surtees - 1 .James Hunt - 1 .Nigel Mansell - 1 .Damon Hill - 1 .Lewis Hamilton - 1 .Jenson Button - 1
near the fill stem. take off left rear wheel. take out protective cover. boom, there it is.
Two circuits in Spain host F1 grand prix races: 1. Valencia 2. Barcelona
Alonso joined Ferrari .Barrichello joined Williams .Button joined McLaren .Timo Glock joined Virgin Racing .Kamui Kobayashi joined Sauber .Heikki Kovaleinen joined Lotus racing .Robert Kubica joined Renault .Nico Rosberg joined Mercedes GP .Jarno Trulli joined Lotus racing Most...
Total 19. First race - Bahrain on 14 th March Last race - Abu Dhabi on 14 th November
A Total of 13 teams are competing this 2010 season. They are: .Vodafone McLaren Mercedes .Mercedes GP Petronas .Red Bull Racing .Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro .AT & T Williams .Renault F1 .Force India .Scuderia Toro Rosso .Lotus F1 Racing .Campos Meta 1 .US F1 .Virgin Racing .BMW Sauber...
The new teams joining the F1 2010 season are: .Mercedes GP Petronas .Lotus F1 .Campos Meta 1 .US F1 .Virgin Racing
The new drivers this 2010 season are: .Lucas di Grassi .Nico Hulkenberg .Jose Maria Lopez .Vitaly Petrov .Bruno Senna
Giancarlo Fisichella .Nick Heidfeld .Kazuki Nakajima .Kimi Raikkonen
Statistically Michael Schumacher is the greatest driver in history having won the most drivers championships,wins,pole positions,laps lead,fastest laps, and many other records throughout his career.
It is called the Ferrari F10. It is powered by the Ferrari 056 2.4L V8 Engine and has a chassis designed by Ferrari.
The Race Drivers are: .Fernando Alonso .Felipe Massa The Test Drivers are: .Giancarlo Fisichella .Luca Badoer .Marc Gene
South Korea - The Korean Grand Prix to be held at the Korea International Circuit is the latest addition to the F1 racing calender.
Formula1 race will be for an hour and half usually, until and unless there are no delay's due to red flag or due to prolonged safety car period
Answer .\nbrazil or france.Answer .\nAC Milan
At the moment there is no Formula 1 race in France. The last race there was at the Magny-Cours circuit in 2008. The race in 2009 was cancelled and there have been no further races in France since. The closest is in Monaco which is still a yearly fixture on the calender
Usually formula one tracks are designed in such a way that, they end where they begin. They may have their twists and turns but overall we can consider a track similar to a circle. If you begin at a point, after one full round you would reach the point. Similarly, in a formula one track, if you...
Felipe Massa? Yes, he will. He is Fernando Alonso's team mate at Ferrari.
425 kilometers per hour=264.082756700867 miles per hour
I have it. Its the #409 car
The first 'official' Formula 1 race was the 1950 British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit.
In the UK. The home of formula one is the Silverstone circuit, the venue for the first race in 1950.
No. Schumacher retired from Formula 1 in 2006, Hamilton entered the sport in 2007. Hamilton would have raced Schumacher if he had taken part in the last few Race of Champions events, but he chose not to. (If you were talking about Michael's brother Ralf Schumacher, which is unlikely, then yes...
There are 11 flags: White flag A white flag signifies that there is a slow car ahead. When waved at the driver it means that they must pay attention. Black flag This will only be shown at the startline and will have a car number in white shown on it. The car involved must stop at the pits...
The overall speed, cornering and ultimately lap time of a modern Formula 1 car is achieved many factors. The most significant are: - Vehicle Weight: Formula 1 Technical regulations for the upcoming 2010 season mandate vehicle weight to be a minimum of 620 Kg (up from 605 Kg in 2009), including...
There has never been an African-American F-1 driver The question does not mention nationality, just ethnicity, and even then the above answer is incorrect. William Theodore Ribbs Jnr, drove an F1 car for Brabham in 1986, although he did not compete in any races. Lewis Hamilton (of mixed...
There have been a total of 30 world champions in Formula One history. Nino Farina was the first (1950) and Lewis Hamilton is the latest (2008) Michael Schumacher has the most with 7 titles.
Bugatti veyron is not as fast as the macleren f1