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Tickle your brain! Laugh and have some fun! If you know a great, non-offensive joke or riddle, this is the place for it!
I believe that would be Steamboat Willie.
I dont think any one invented it I think just all dirty minded people use it as a joke which everyone seems to understand and use.
The answer is: a garbage truck! The joke is 'What has wheels and flies'.
You think of them, here is one: You are a school bus driver at the first stop 10 students get on and 4 get off. at the second stop six students get on and 2 get off. at the 3rd stop everyone gets off the question is : what are the bus driver's eye color?
He's short-sighted and mistook the chicken in front of him for an  angel
Simba is the ruler of this nation
I would say ice is not easily set on fire.
The answer is nothing because you cant be nothing, you were nothing before you were born and will be when you die, the blind see nothing... and so on. :)After hours of trying to figure this out... A thought. I am what you cannot be but you once were what I will become. We cannot be an idea, but we...
  FREEZE shock BLAST rush SWING morph
After hours of trying to figure this out... A thought. I am what you cannot be but you once were what I will become. We cannot be an idea, but we were once an idea from our parents. We are now trying to think of the answer, therefore a thought. I am what only blind can see and of infinity and 1 i...
A few funny jokes are: What do you call a girl lawyer? Sue! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Knock Knock. Who's there? ADHD kid. ADHD kid who? Oh, hey, wanna go ride bikes? Knock Knock. Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow- MOO!"
I highly doubt it. However, it is still possible that they madealcohol and drank it with their friends. Wine is one of the easier things to make, and occasionally prisoninmates make it behind bars. So cavemen could have certainly madealcohol. Fruit contains sugar and is often covered with yeast....
  Pandemonium was the capital of Hell in Milton's Paradise Lost and has come to mean any site of wild disorder, noise, or confusion.
  The trickiest riddle
  Yes and No, but not in that order.
because he is important and needs his break
The riddle goes like this-What falls, but does not  break, and what breaks but does not  fall? Night falls
On your way to BlackThorn city,u will have to go there by using Route 29,after u defeat all gym leaders except in blackthorn,u will find and Ivysaur on Route 29.It is about level 3 or 4
That's not even funny; what a pointless joke. Actually, that sounds like an attempt at wry humor. If we aretalking about Thailand or wherever, the traffic is so bad andjammed up everywhere, that nobody would even notice a collision, asthe traffic would not flow any worse. Other drivers would likely...
Nothing! The answer is nothing! Am I right??
He just stopped by for a short exercise break.
Hat, because if you turn four around to its mirror image next tothe normal number, it's a hat.
'You' Or I guess I got infected with your family's BS when I "hung out" with your mom/dad
Can i borrow some money?NoWhy? arent you super rich?Yeah, im rich because i Don't give out money!(i think its from the movie just go with it)
Can you list some statements for us so that we can better help you
  Why is a raven like a writing desk?
I can't wait to recieve my letter from my friend in Florida.
The only difference between here and there is about locality. Here  is close to you. There is farther away from you. Or the "T" "t"here  here.
Because she could not keep her hexes to herself?
A rainbow is something that appears in the sky after it rains and  it has colors. A desert is a hot or dry area with no rain.
Not really considering people are made of water.
Knock Knock. Whos there?not your grandma. shes dead.
I went to a resturant who served food at anytime so i orded french  toast during the renasiance   why was it called the dark ages? Becuase there were so many knights
Question: "What is the Roman Numeral for Zero?" Answer: There ISN'T one!
I don't know I never tasted and I will never .
Yes Because you are in water and it is obvious
  None because there were never any snakes in Ireland.
in my opinion they are all pretty awesome!
Put a bucket of water on top of the door and ask them to go into the room but don't let your mum walk in
Well hopefully they will get skinnier lol
Some only americans will understand, because we are stupid.
Anybody ALWAYS has a good joke...
"I went to a Sears white sale and bought a caucasian family." Heard it on Arsenio Hall (and thought it was hilarious). Of course they do. If Group A interacts regularly with Group B, then sooner or later each will have jokes about the other. "How do you recognize a WASP? They get out of the shower...
So this duck walks into a hardware store (or library) and he says to the guy "Do you have any grapes?" the guys like "no, we're a hardware store" so the duck waddles out. The next day the duck walks back in and say s"Do you have any grapes?" The guys like "uh no?" So the duck waddles out. The NEXT...
you just say "Yo Mama" then something mean Don't focus too much on realistic jokes. Think of something that isreally funny and apply it to a person. And there you go!