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Centered of the works of Master Kong, or Confucius, the philosophical viewpoint has greatly influenced the history of China and many other nearly countries.
Because you haven't actually got what Confucianism is all about. In  fact,
Benevolence, Intellectual life, good tastes in social life.
They were Chinese wise men.
He believed that moral leadership not laws, brought order to China. He wanted to rule China so there would be order and he would make everything all better just like that. He was wrong and write but was very cruel.
Confucian philosophies have been highly influential is several  societies. Korea, for example, has Confucianism as the basis of  their social rules and customs.
Because Mr. Oto invented the squats which was soon a big part of  chinese culture. Hope this helped.
song emperors and scholars believed that officals who had studied  confucius would be rational,moral, and able to main tain order.
There is little evidence to support the idea that Confucius was a  hermit. He had many followers and at one point spent several years  abroad to spread wisdom.
scholars, peasants, artisans, and merchants. in that order
Confucianism is a philosophy that is sometimes considered a  religion as well. Tian is the concept that describes heaven, sky,  or the Great One. Tian is the source of everything, and represents  the entire cosmos.
Confucianism is simply a philosophy. Followers don't go to a temple to worship, they just live how the Lun-yü (holy book) says to live.
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There are few rituals in Buddhism. The most common ritual is to Bow to everyone and to images of the Buddha. As for practice, the common practices are meditation, generosity, compassion and kindness.
There was conflict between Confucian scholars and Emperor Qin because they believed different things. The Emperor executed 460 scholars because they went against him.
A important place for Confucians is the Confucianism Temple in Qufu, China.
Confucianism taught that everyone is born into his or her "place" in society and should accept that place- this affects China cause they are a communist government everyone must be equal Cultures still preserve the orientation toward a hierarchical organization.In the Five Relations of Confucius, a...
So he could teach his students to be wise and to not fight , but just to make peace! He also wanted to become a government officer, he became China;s first teacher. They called him Kong Fu Zi - ( Master Kong).
they would respond in there own way the 2 groups have allot of similarity's p.s. this was answered by a 6th grader
  Try Wikipedia's :   The Ideals of the East: Confucianism--Northern China
The Confucius five basic relationships are ruler and subject, husband and wife, father and son, older sibling and younger sibling, and friend and friend.
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I am not bothered by the fact that I am unknown. I am bothered when I do not know others. To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous. Listen widely to remove your doubts and be careful when speaking about the rest and your mistakes will be few. If you see what is right...
because he worked very hard building the three main usa buildings. and then his son krishma died. so they had to be kind and let him get educated. and he like it
Confucianism comes from the teachings of the Chinese philosopherConfucius. It began as an ethical-sociopolitical teaching, butduring the Han Dynasty it developed metaphysical and cosmetologicalelements. The two main areas focused on social teachings andpolitical teachings. Confucious saw education...
The main idea of cofucianism is the five bonds. Also Family ties help support the idea of the five bonds. Some things they do to achieve the five bonds are filial piety and trying to achieve moral perfection. Family is very important and...and... and...uhhh.....ummm.... I FORGOT! :PKuhl, nicht lau
No, Confucius is a Chinese Confucian scholars were thinking, is atheist
he mad peace and he created cival service for men can do govnerment jobs.
They though if people respected each other well there would be peace and harmony.
That is the outdated Wade-Giles romanization system way of pronouncing Kong fuzi (Master Kong)--i.e., Confucius. Confucius was the founder of Confucianism.
There are none because Confucianism is a philosophy
A Confucian scholar criticized the emperor.( Chin )
Because he belived that his role was to pass on forgotten teachings, persuade rulers to reform, and bring peace, stability, prosperity to China's kingdoms.
They are opposite. If Yin is happy, then Yang is sad. You get the point, right? I hope so.
according to the king's demands
The Analects. It is a collection of Confucius' sayings as recorded by his disciples.
Kong Futsu. It means Master Kong.
Because it was still followed in Chinese villiages and became very important in Japan ,Korea ,and Vietnam.
Confucianism still exists in the world today.
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The religion is based on beliefs based on the book of Confucianism. The man himself, Confucianism wrote his own boook based on what Confucianism is all about. They all had spiritual religions but Confucianism had lots of religions and beliefs. I hope this was enough information for school or...
Followers of Confucius taught that people should work hard to improve the world. Daoism called on people to give up their concerns about the world.
It has a tremendous influence in East Asia including mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan.
to end conflict and have peace in all relationships
Confucianism is commonly practiced in China. The philosopher'sinfluence is practiced all over the world in many modern businessmodels.
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Confucianists generally do not speculate about life after death, however, they do worship their ancestors.
In religions with deities (the Abrahamic faiths for example) the followers worship the deity and perhaps the saints, prophets and children of the deity. Other Religions such as the Hindus have a pantheon of deities for the followers to worship. Some groups such as Buddhists have no deities and...
He wanted to teach students that were eager to learn
Confucianism was originally more of a philosophy than a religion. Confucius' aim was to teach government leaders to be moral so that they would better lead the people. If the leaders were moral and upright "gentlemen," then the people would follow their example, and the whole nation would flourish...
Harmony will prevail if people accept their role in society, while legalists believe people are naturally evil. Like energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.
Confucianism began more than 2,500 years ago in china. The temple at Qufu is a roup of buildings dedicated to Confucius. It is located on Confucius's ancestral land. It is one of the largest ancient architectural complexes in China. every year followers gather at Qufu to celebrate the birthday of...
Confucius believe about good behavior is that when people behaved well and acted morally,they were simply carrying out what heaven expected of them.
Followers of Confucianism have to bide by the tradition known as Filial Piety. This means that everyone has to show respect for their elders. Other than this, Confucianists must maintain their social status; they can't try to move up the social ladder to be anything more than they already are....
The most sacred scripture is Lun-yu.
There are limited holy places of Confucianism. The temples are  considered as the main holy places with the Qufu temple in China  being a significant holy place.
it made a great influence on the Song Dynasty period.
Taoism is a philosophy about knowing there is bad and good in people and it should equal out. Confucianism is a philosophy that is really strict.
Buddhism is a religion and Confucianism is a philosophy. A religion talks about death after life and gods. Philosophy talks about what one should do in life. ___________________________________________________________ Actually, BOTH Buddhism & Confucianism can either be religions or...
Confucius was widely unknown in his own country at the time of his  death.
master kong is a literal anglicization of comfucius
Approx. 2,500 years ago.
Timeline for Confucius (551 BC-479 BC)551 BC - Confucius was born 548 BC - Lost his father 519 BC - Started teaching ancient rituals to a minister's sons 517 BC - Fled, along with Prince of Lu, to the neighboring state 500 BC - Appointed as the Minister of Justice of Lu state 495 BC - Left his...
He feared spiders, and death.
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Probably during the Han dynasty.
In 1884 the confuciasts of the war made it
  A Guru, Guru Nanak, was raised as a Hindu, in Punjab. People there were either Hindu's, or Muslims. Anyway, Nanak believed that both of these religions were equal, and prayed to one God, who was neither male nor female. Nanaks father kept telling him that Hindu's prayed to many Gods, not just...
Confucius is the Latinized name of 'Kong Fuzi," which means "Master Kong."
  Yes. In parts of Taiwan and China.
one of the central ideas of confucianism was
  because Confucius was a teacher, on his birthday they call it 'Teachers Day.' Where they worship there teachers through a dance.