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This ancient religion from India aims a divine consciousness and prescribes a direction of non-violence to all forms of living beings. The philosophy and practice relies primarily on self-effort in moving the soul up the spiritual ladder.
First of all, followers of Jainism are called Jains. They pray by reciting prayers in Indian languages. They do not ask god for things, but pray to draw inspiration from them. They go to their temples, called Derasars, as frequently as possible. The main prayer is the Navkar Mantra, or Maha Mantra....
There are mainly five teachings of Jainism (called 5 vows of Jainism) which include- Ahimsa (or, non-violence)Aprigraha (or, non-possessiveness)Bramhcharya (or, chastity)Asteya (or, non-stealing)Satya (or, truthfulness)
live and let others live too peacefully
jainsim teaches ahinsa(non violence)   and mahavira told that   jeo or jene do( live and let others live)
good company at the same time somebody want terminate immediately ex.saravanan ..... jainhousing my mother home iam not forget my life longA.SIVASUBRAMANIAN,SAUDIARABIATKS SANDEEP SIR
see a profound unity behind the multiplicity of the world
The Jain conception of God is quite different from what others fell about the same. In one way there are 24 Jain Tirthankars (God) but there are many other Jain Gods also, whom Jains worship as Arihants and Siddhas. However the Tirthankars are considered most important under Jain philosophy.
The text books which includes the teachings of Mahavira are called  the Agamas
They are mainly in India. The United Kingdom, Canada, United States and East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda) also have large Jain communities.
jainism is a religion obviously  but can someone please tell us what type of religion it is?  thank you.  jainism is a religion obviously  but can someone please tell us what type of religion it is?  thank you.  Jains reject belief in a creator god and seek release from endless reincarnation...
jain worship the jain gods called trithankara in the jain temples
Jain followers are classified in four groups.1. Saadhu(Monks)2. Sadhvi(Nuns)3. Shravak (Male devotee)4. Shravika(Female devotee)In general Saadhu(s) and Sadhvi(s) are the religious leaders, but not necessarily. If somebody studied and understood the Aagam (jain literature's) ...
the Mahavira temple is in the Mahavirji situated near rajasthan
yes, just not as strict as it used to be.
Jains worship many gods.
In the Jain religion of India, Sallekhana is ritual fasting that causes death by dehydration or starvation, considered an honorable act when death is inevitably near.
Neminatha, the 22nd Tirthankara of the Jains, was the son of Samudra Vijaya and grandson of Andhakavrishni. He is said to be a cousin of Krishna, the lord of the Bhagvadgita.
according to subject there are many books.one is tatvarthsutra.
in the age of Mahavira Jaininsam was known as Jin Sashan
Jin Sashan was names for jainism in the age of jainism
Diwali, Mahavir's day for getting pure knowledge, or kevalgyan. Also Pajushan, 8 days for jains to be pure and eat only jain food, no cheese, no veggies, no bread.
====  In theory, Jains do not worship deities, they contemplate on the 24 Tirthankaras (a bit like Buddhas) such as Mahavira and Parshvanath. However, many ordinary Jains often pray to Hindu deities and a lot of Jain temples will often be decorated with images of minor Hindu deities such as...
The late Heinrich Zimmer, who is reputed to have been the greatest German Indologist of modern times, in his celebrated posthumous work, The Philosophies of India, conceded that there is truth in the Jain idea that their religion goes back to a remote antiquity, the antiquity in question being that...
yes you have to be pure vegetarian and condemn the things made up  of the animal's skin
The question was "Is Jainism atheist?" Yes it is atheistic, but not  in the way that people perceive it to be. Atheism refers to a  viewpoint which rejects any beliefs in God.Jainism doesn't support  any God. In fact it supports "divinity of every soul". Jain temples  are known as Derasars....
jainism was founded by first thirthankar adinath (rishabdev) times immemorial. its very wrong to intrept that it was mahaveera. the fact is mahaveer was last thirthakar (24th) who carried over the mantle till the next thirthankara will incarnate on the earth.
Jainism is an ancient religious and philosophical tradition that is thought to have originated in the Ganges River basin. There remain some 4 million Jains in India, spread mainly between five states, and there is also a small but influential community of emigrants in both Europe and the United...
Jains believe in Jainism.
24 deitys... Mahavir=last, and Mallinath=only girl.
asceticism is the self-denial. Jains believe in an ascetic life of denying physical pleasure, putting your body through rigorous exercise and meditation. Jains also vow non-injury of life and take great strides not to even crush an insect as they walk.
There are two sects of jains : Digambar and Shwetamber(Most of their beliefs are similar). The monks of Digambar sects do not wear clothes.Reason: They must follow 5 rules strictly and at there best which are1. Non-Violance 2. Truth 3. Non Stealing 4. Celibacy 5. Non-attachment to materialistic...
no,they need to follow the principles of Jainism. They rather partice a ritual called "Kesha Lochan" meaning pulling hairs by hands.
to celebrate the jayanti of lord mahavira it is celebrated as  national holiday
The first break in Hinduism, when a section of the Hindus declared that the performing a Yagna sacrifice - where many animals were originally offered - was an act of apostasy and that the Vedas were not the true embodiment of knowledge. These breakaway Hindus later became the Jains, who for the...
Jainism is a religion founded in India from about 367 BC by  Rishabha. Jainism has around five million adherents world-wide. It  does not believe in a creator nor a destroyer deity. Jainism is a  faith based on [extreme] non violence called Ahimsa toward any  living being, including the smallest...
jain's are very less in population they represent a minority group
Jains believe in cycling through birth and rebirth. However their take on things is a little different from most religions that believe this. Not only can you be reincarnated into the earthly realm, but also into their layers of heaven and hells. You are not permanently stuck in hell, once you die...
Jainism was started by the first Tirthankar or the ford maker "lord Rishabh dev" also known as "Lord Aadinath".many thousands of years back..in his line there were 23 more "Tirthankars" of which 24th and last one was "lord Mahavir"[599-527 BC]...Jainism is the oldest religion in the world, even...
Popularity of Jainism never declined.
jain foolowers can do anything but should be vegetarian and not  wear any thing made up of animals skin
What are ego and lust and greed and attachment and anger in Sikhism Budhism Jainism And Bhagavadgita?Five Evils:1. Kam(Lust)2. Krodh (Rage)3. Lobh (Greed)4. Moh (Attachment)5. Ahankar (Ego)Five Evils or five thieves (pancadokh or panj vikar) as they are referred to in Sikh Scripture, the Guru Granth...
mahavir jayanti is celebrated as a national holiday in India
They eat vegetarian food without onions, potatoes, etc. (vegetables that grow underground).
Jainism and Buddhism spread quickly through India because they offered equality. The previous social system was the caste system, and so when Buddhism and Jainism were introduced, it was most popular among the poor, because it offered a chance to be equal to the wealthy. They were also popular among...
There is no supreme being....
go to this site...  www.jainworld.com
there is as such no other names to jainism .it is only the surname  of the jains however differnt people can have various gotras
By following the five main principles of Jainism 1. Non- Violence 2. Non- Possessiveness 3. Non-Stealing 4. Celibacy 5. Always speaking the truth Other important concepts are multiplicity of views and the three jewels are right conduct, right knowledge, and right faith While there are only 5...
lord mahavira was the main founder of the jaisnism community
it is practiced everwhere where the jain's lived
they are kept at the temples at the time when they worship
Jainism believes in sacrificing greed.......There is no such dress  code to follow.......You should be dedicated by heart to follow  it.......
To achieve total non-violence, or Ahimsa
Just see to it no prob is caused to the religions
Both religions started the find answer which Krishna left, is next life is in your hand . Buddhism fail to answer because when question asked to Buddha is meat allowed after animal is dead natuarly,,,.Buddha did not answer . Today in Japan sell dead animal meat. While Mahavir (Jainism) indicate that...
Symbol of jainism explains the structure of space  (universe).....You may search for it on wikipedia..
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the main festival of jain's is Mahavira jayanti and Diwali
they take bath in the temples who do the abhishek daily by the puretemple water and wearing temple clothes
There are several websites which provide information on Brahmacharya. Some are listed in the links section.
They Pray at a mandir (temple).
i am jain,how i can get minority certificate
Jainism emphasised the doctrine of non-violence which resulted in a feeling of peace. Even the Kshatriyas gave up their fighting spirit and gradually became weak and peace-loving . As such,they lost their strength to face the invading enemies which ultimately brought almost the whole country under...
There are thousands of teachins in Jainsim but most of them are related to Science and a few with moral teachings- Non-violenceNon-possessivenessCelebacyPrinciple of pluralism (or Anekantvada)Right faith, Right knowledge, Right conduct , etc.
do not kill any kind of organism.
islam is foolwed ny the mulims who follow Prophet Mohommad   jain's follw the teaching of lord Mahavira
Jains worship their 24 Tirthankars majorly. Besides, Jains also worship other Arihants, Siddhas, Dev and Devi.
Name of symbol f Jainism is called "Lokpurush".
jain's go to the temple of jain in which there are 24 trithankaras  of the jain's
Jains use a beautiful word Jina for their tirthankars which literally means conquerer but not of the worldly things. It refers to conquering the inner self. So, those who follow the path of Jinas are known Jains. The word Jain has itself originated from the word Jina.
In the course of its eventful history Buddhism which began as a departure from the ritualism of the Hindu religion gradually adapted and absorbed many Hindu ideas and practices to the point that at times, the lines of distinction between the two religions (the parent and the offspring) were blurred....
Answer .They believe in the sanctity and right to life of all of God's creatures, even bugs! They will not hurt any creature.
Can denotes physical possibility - if question intends to then, answer has to be yes - Any human being can drink alcohol. However, if question was - Should Hindu drink alcohol? Then answer would be, no - Hindu should not drink alcohol. For that matter nobody should do anything capable of an...
Mahavira was the 24th and last was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism.
YES. (It's about controlling your own senses NOT someone elses :) ) Technically Brahmacharya means chastity in thought, speech & action. It does involves controlling (or regultaing so to speak) the senses but by suppression or repression. And absolute control can be achieved after mastering...
Lord Mahavir passed away from his liberation. He finally got rid of all of his bad karma and was liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth
Yes and no. Out of overall 1,028,610,328 population of India jain population makes up for 4.2 million people. In the USA the Jainism makes altogether about 180.000 to 200.000 people. So, in the worldwide sense, no it's not really popular.
This is because of the long history of conversion of Jains into other reigions by the use of force. Whenever the new rulers came they forced the people to accept their religion. This is a common process which takes place in any country. In India this process is said to have begun with the coming of...
Any religion in history has spread mostly under following condition. 1. When people are not following any distinct religion or 2. When people are forced to follow a religion. If a community is not following any religion, than a spiritual leader who guides them initiates a religion. Eg. Muhammad ,...