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Military Medicine

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Military medicine covers the medical needs of military service personnel in the battlefield. This also involves establishing and operating combat support hospitals. Persons in this field are exposed to a wide range of weapon-inflicted injuries.
  For the majority of people who are in the military there are two options. Traditional Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) or Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK).   The short answer is PRK. The long answer follows: LASIK is a procedure in which the cornea has a small flap cut into...
A homemade splint is not a definitive treatment for any fracture, it should only be used to initially stabilize the patient for transport to a definitive medical facility.
If you are in a situation where you are the only person available, and you need to move the person immediately, you use the drag carry. Stand behind the person's head, and use their clothing to drag them backward, supporting their head and neck for as little movement as possible. Remember, this is...
I think what you do is you SLOWLY turn them over and then SLOWLY  put your arms under them and lift them bring them to the nearest  car or (if you are in war or anything like that) bring them to the  nearest safe place. Get them medical attention immediately after  that and hope for the best to...
O.d.d, is only part of an underlying other mental disorder. Meds can help, not spoiling the child and having everyone that is on board with helping you raise this child should all be on the same page as far as discipline. Whether it be "love and Logic", or "one two three magic", Or just plain...
  if you get std, you will first be treated, then have your rear reamed out/punished
If it is internal bleeding you need to get them to the ER immidetly there is nothing you can do at home for that. If they are having external bleeding too you can apply light pressure to try to slow down or stop the bleeding until you get to the hospital.
Limit mannitol, administer glucose-insulin drip, calcium chloride and/or sodium bicarbonateDO NOT LIMIT LIQUIDS!Treatment of hyperkalemia may include any of the following measures, either singly or in combination:A diet low in potassium (for mild cases). Discontinue medications that increase blood...
Like a doctor, pediatrician, obstetrician, diagnostician, and the people who work in the emergency rooms.
No, drinking your own sweat would not stave off dehydration. Since sweat is so salty, it would be like drinking ocean or salt water, which dehydrates you more. If you are in a situation in which there is no fresh water, or in which you cannot make a fire and boil water, your best option is to drink...
No, this is a significant medical condition and you will not be allowed to enlist.   If you think to hide this disease, know a battery of labs are drawn as a precondition to enlistment and it will be discovered.
Tension pneumothorax which is where the lung cavity fills with air and crushes the remaining good lung.
To treat sucking chest wounds, you should use an occlusive dressing to prevent air from entering the wound.
damage to the spinal column (backbone).breathing serious bleeding an or broken bonesall of the above~nova net~
YOu should move a victim if the current environment is dangerous to the victim or to responders.You may move victims who can tolerate the move to staging or triage areas.You must move a victim as part of the evac process if further treatment is required.
  According to NORML's website Colorado has medical marijuana laws enacted. See http://norml.org/index.cfm?wtm_view=&Group_ID=4526
A full-thickness burn is a third degree burn.
Women played a key role in the American Revolution. They helped by farming to feed troops, made weapons for soldiers and some even fought secretly disguised as men such as Deborah Sampson and Molly Pitcher.
It is any illness that is related to a release of pressure from the body such as barotrauma .. baro (pressure) trauma (injury). It includes decompression sickness, but it is not limited to decompression sickness. It is also not limited to diving even though that is what is mostly thought of when...
No, i think you should not. As each drug has some adverse effectsand drug interactions, due to which it is contraindicated incertain cases. Your doctor must have identified a similar relevantcontraindication, hence taking it over the counter is not at alladvisable, and may result in toxic effects...
Mucus (Snot) or CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid). In the event of a head trauma with this sign presenting be sure not to insert anything in the nose (NPA - Nasal pharyngeal airway)
  The two-man fore-and-aft carry is used to transport a conscious or unconscious casualty and is the preferred two-man carry for moving a casualty for a long distance.
==Answer==  Military medical personell ARE allowed to carry firearms, to protect themselves, and the wounded under their care.   In a practical situation in combat, field medics carry rifles and sidearms, as well as medical equipment and drugs for treatment of trauma.   In the Canadian...
The Bends are caused by the formation of nitrogen bubbles in the blood stream. Theses bubbles form when the body is subjected to high pressure and that pressure is lessened too quickly. People who dive under water can get the bends in they surface too quickly.
  The answers are in the course material. If you study the course and take notes during the CBT, you'll be able to pass the end-of-course exam with no problems. Have some integrity, and do what's right, instead of trying to get others on the internet to give you the test answers.
The dangers of nuclear energy revolve primarily around three factors: the production of the nuclear fuel, operation of the nuclear power plant, and disposal of radioactive wastes. Producing the nuclear fuel in the first place is by far the largest danger, from both a probability standpoint and the...
not really sure what you're actually asking...you can be in the military if you have ADHD but you can't be in the military if you have to take medication, it's too difficult to get them if you're overseas or in combat.
Realistically it depends on what the disability is for, you have to consider if you are current receiving disability you are restricted from preforming certain tasks which could prevent you from preforming duties within the Army. Contact a local recruiter and find out from them. Most likely you will...
  Uncorrected vision can be no worse than 20/200 in each eye. Both eyes must be correctable to 20/20.
A naked baby can cover wounds easily.
Arterial Bleeding  This is the least common and most dangerous type of bleeding. It involves bright red blood that comes out in large volume, and in spurts that correspond with each beat of your heart. 
  It is not an easy process. Shell Shock and Section Eight has been around in every major conflict. What ever name is used for the condition, medical personnel and combat leaders must be prepared to deal with it.
It depends on how bad the cut is. For a fairly minor cuts, clean it as soon as possible with warm water and a disinfectant of some kind. Dry the area as carefully as you can, then apply a bandage. More serious cuts will need stitching, and the priority is stopping the bloodflow from the wound as...
I am sure that it would be possible to induce amnesia by means of brain surgery, however, that would be horribly unethical.
If the victim is found unconscious, we cannot rule out a head/spinal injury. As such, we use the clamshell to immobilize the patient, then lift them onto a 35A stretcher for exchange with the ambulance.
Are you looking as in Garrison or the whole base?
very low but possible cause I've seen someone that survived a gunshot to the face.
"The fore-and-aft lift can be used for lifting a patient from the ground or from a chair (etc), to a stretcher. This lift can be used when the patient's injuries permit. A major consideration is that during the lift, the patient's spine and limbs will be flexed which could aggravate any injuries...
The easiest item to use is cardboard. You can also use poles, wood, and as a last resort splint to the other leg.
The purposeful murder of a person, usually an animal. This is done through the use of medical injections.   There are other defenitions available, and the subject will not be resolved readily in our society. Euthanasia is often considered mercy killing. It can be active or passive, legal or...
  you may have fluid in your ear that needs drying up. Ask your pharmisist for some sudafed or similar drug, available over the counter
This is the procedure for inserting the nasopharyngeal airway:    Is the nasal canal clear? Make sure nose is not broken and  remove any obstructions.  Can you rule out basal skull fracture?  Measure victim for size needed and select the appropriate  airway. Measure the NPA from the corner...
Airway is compromised because of trauma as it can affect brain,  oropharynx, neck, and trachea, pulmonary system resulting in airway  obstruction or respiratory problems. Aspiration of blood and  gastric contents contribute to compromised airway. Also patients  with low level of consciousness...
==Answer==  HeyHoward==If it is coolant the engine will overheat quickly and the engine will smoke white smoke. The head gaskets will need replaced. It can be normal condensation if it is pretty clear water. Good luck, Joe 
AminesBiological agents include bacterial, parasitic, fungal, viral, and Rickettsial/Chlamydia.
A Corpsman is a navy medic. Typically when somebody is talking about a combat medic, they mean a line medic, or a medic who actually goes into combat with a unit vs a medic who works in a hospital.
Sir Huston Mc Greggar. With a total of 34 gunshot wounds to different parts of his body.
The Emergency Bandage has efficient blood staunching capability and offers ease of operation:The sterile, non-adherent pad is placed on the wound.The application of immediate direct pressure to the wound site is achieved by wrapping the elasticized woven leader over the topside of the bandage pad...
Wrap him/her up in a blanket to keep him/her warm or give him/her some hot chocolate.
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Cool, clammy skin; fast, weak pulse; paleness; trouble breathing; swollen abdomen if internal bleeding; huge puddle of blood under the Airman.
One soldier from WW2, along with one each from WW1, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
The TAM is a simple method of performing a Risk Assessment. To begin, we have an asset. An information asset may be a piece of equipment, some data, or confidential information. A vulnerability contributes to the risk that the asset may be damaged, which exposes the company to loss and generates the...
you need to drink more water and eat healthier. especially at high elevations like the mountains.
  You have to be recommended for a Purple Heart. Being wounded in Iraq does not automatically qualify you to receive a Purple Heart.
a lot of bandages and being taken to the medics
A nickel is worth five cents.
  To get the wounded out of harms way.
You should use an OPA (oropharyngeal airway) or NPA (nasopharyngeal  airway) in less severe cases of upper airway obstruction. For  example, an OPA or NPA can be helpful in a child with Pierre-Robin  Syndrome causing obstruction of the upper airway at the level of  the tongue. An OPA should ONLY...
There is no set life expectancy of an officer in combat. This is  something that is completely dependent on the skill of the officer  in question.
how much time Tom's plan was taking
You hire a lawyer and you sue the medical treatment facility.   Also, when did you discover possbile medical negligence? There is a time limitation.   Call post or base legal office to find out limitations.   The Medcial Facility will then sequester your records so no one can make changes...
place your fingers from the other hand on the victim's forehead. Lift the chin to open the airway, using the other hand to stead the vic's head.
It happens when a person is struck by a piece of a projectile, grenade, or flying piece of debris that is the result of an explosion. Many grenades such as the fragmentation grenade were made to send many pieces of shrapnel fly in all directions causing maximum damage.
To transport a victim for a long distance, it would be very good to have a stretcher on which to carry him, but if you don't have one and can't get one, two people can lock hands together (holding each other's wrists) to form a kind of seat, that the victim can sit on, which is the next best method.
tilt the head back and check for a pulse. And every now and then make sure to ask if your hurting them. flexibility would really help right about now.
The jaw thrust maneuver is an alternative method to open the airway.
After a year and a half of War he suffers from Shell shock. A condition that only gets worse the more pressure and stress you endure.
Yes. But what was your question? There are many issues here. I suggest the 1948 Radiological Defense 4 volume set. See if your library can get all 4 volumes on interlibrary loan (don't accept less, all mine could get was 2 so I had to buy them)! It covers many of these issues.
Joan of Arc had no education and could neither read nor write.
  she was born in 1865