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Titanic was the biggest passenger liner when she set off for her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912. After four days, she hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean resulting in the death of 1,517 people.
The voyage on the Titanic was its maiden voyage
She was discovered in September 1985 by a research team led byDr.Robert Ballard from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute inMaine- the first sighting of her wreck was of one of her boilers.Subsequent research by deep-sea sonar revealed that she had brokenin two and that her stern section (which...
rose and jack were made up although there was a j. dawson who dies on titanic but most of the other characters are real
Yes, there were a number of ethnic groups that were on boardTitanic. Though a large number were understandably from Europe,there were ethnic groups from the Middle East and Asia as well.
After the Titanic had completely submerged, the lifeboats with thepeople on board had traveled away but some came back to try andfind some of the survivors just like near the end of the Titanicmovie, but when a ship came by to collect bodies and investigateeveryone had already died of hypothermia...
No. It sank in the atlantic ocean, off the coast of Canada.
It sank because the iceberg created a reasonably large hole (rip)in the hull of the ship, which allowed water to come in,uncontrollably filling the lower decks. When water came into theship, it raised the average density within the hull (which allows aheavy steel ship to float). The ship sank lower...
The Californian was very close to the Titanic when it was sinking,and the radio controllers had gone to sleep already so they didntreceive the mayday calls from the Titanic, but if the controllershad been awake and listening they would have heard the mayday callsand been close enough to get to the...
There were two. The Olympic was constructed about a year ahead of the Titanic. Then after the Titanic was the Britanic which also sank.
It was ripped apart when the bow and stern were going down tothe bottom of the ocean. .Yes, that's true- survivor's eye-witness accounts report seeingthe first funnel collapsing forward as she was going down. Theother funnels were torn off the ship as she was plunging into theabyssal deep and broke...
Yes, it is true. It was so gigantic and amazing that people of the day considered the Titanic to be indestructable!
It turns out that Jack actually stole the tickets from the strauses while in Munich and slowly makes his way across Europe to England where he got a second ticket and gave it to his friend. roses fiancé is a member of the strauses so he didn't like jack cause ...
First Class (parlor suite) £870/$4,350 ($83,200 today) First Class (berth) £30/$150 ($2975 today) Second Class £12/$60 ($1200 today) Third Class £3 to £8/$40 ($298 to $793 today)
The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage (its first voyage) and setsail at noon on April 12th 1912 and hit the iceberg and sank at11:40pm (ships time) on April 14th 1912
No, but Olympic and her were the first vessels to have a squashcourt. She also had three tennis pros on her maiden voyage (Karl Behr, R.Norris Williams, Helen and Ostby) and a squash pro (FrederickWright).
They didn't ignore the Titanic. I'm not sure about the story of the Carpathia, but my ancestor Charles Sidney Hill's ship, the HMS Grenada, was near the ship as it was sinking. They didn't have their radio on, so they didn't receive the distress signal.
Due to a certain bacteria in the ocean that has been eating away atthe metal and everything else, the Titanic will probably havedisintegrated within the next 20 years
The Titanic's architect was Thomas Andrews, a very experienced shipbuilder/designer/architect and unfortunately went down with theship on the night it sank
They can not control who wants passage to another continent/countryetc. It being cold and icy does not determine whether or not theywould leave. Everyone knew that there were icebergs out there atthat time of year, but 1) They thought they would avoid all theicebergs 2) They thought the Titanic was...
The special dining room that was decorated all fancy was used bythe 1st class passengers, mainly for dinner and supper
Because the Titanic was one of the first tough, strong, and biggestto be built
Because there weren't enough lifeboats on the ship to hold everysingle person on board, and the lifeboats werent even filled tofull capacity, all made to hold 60 men but some were only filledwith 12 people.
Titanic sank because it hit an iceberg, which opened a gash inthe hull longer than engineers had expected, flooding more of thewater tight compartment than engineers had calculated with. .No need to look for a curse to explain that. .The captain was under pressure to make a speedy first crossing...
It mostly impacted safety and how people viewed boat travel. Like after the Titanic sunk, a law was passed stating that there must be enough lifeboats for everyone onboard a boat.
Isidor Straus was the name of the Macy's store partner whose wifeIda refused to leave him.
Captain Edward John Smith's parents were Catherine Hancock andEdward Smith
Benjamin Guggenheim indeed dressed in his best. When Titanic sunk,his message was delivered to his wife in New York City that he wasprepared to go down like a gentleman.
If you put the Titanic facing upwards, it would have been tallerthan the Eiffel Tower, taller than the Pyramids, but not as tall asthe Empire State Building, so no
Yes, the Britannic was built on February 26th 1914 and was used asa war medical ship but unfortunately was torpedoed and sank on the21st of November 1916 on the Aegean Sea.
At the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it is about 2.5 degreesCelsius, so 36.5 degrees Fahrenheit
it was totally the titanic the titanic was the biggest ship and most money they called it the unsinkable the reson that they called it that was because it had 5 layers so if it water started coming in it wouldent sink the ship but the iceburg was so powerful the it flooded all of the layers and the...
William Murdoch is to blame because he put the engines in reverse, full speed ahead would save the titanic from sinking and, the iceberg popped the rivets and bent the hull, causing the titanic to sink
Unfortunately Captain Edward John Smith went down with the ship,following the old saying "Every ships captain shall go down withhis ship"
Captain Edward John Smith was born on January 27th 1850
The person was J. Bruce Ismay, Chairman and Managing Director ofthe White Star Line, survived the disaster. He was not classed ascompany president. However, this title is used for people at hislevel of authority in many similar business types
She was an American socialite who became famous for surviving the sinking of the Titanic.
Maybe, If the captain's view of the ocean was lower the titanic wouldn't be down the ocean
There was only one Gym, which is seen in the Titanic movie, butthere were also badminton courts, squash courts and tennis courtsand so on
Third class was for the poor while first class was for the very wealthy.
This question cannot be answered simply. There were said to be 4 made for filming. The main hero prop said to be purchased by George Holmes in 2009 from Fox archives. It has yet to be confirmed if it is still in their possession. Then you have the J Peterman style Heart of the Ocean that was...
Titanic's lifeboats were last accounted for in December 1912 andwere left to rot, likely as not. They definitely were NOT reused on any other vessels.
Rose is a 17 year old girl in the film titanic. The character was played by Kate winslet. Kate winslet is 34 years old.
The Captain was in bed when they had the collision, but if thepeople in the Crow's Nest had seen the iceberg and alerted thepeople in the control room just 30 seconds earlier the ship couldhave avoided the iceberg
There was lots to keep people entertained on the Titanic. It had a swimming pool, squash court, a gym, Turkish bath, libraries, restaurants and cafes, and live entertainment.
It took that length of time for the vessel to become socatastrophically flooded as to be unable to support the weight ofwater she was taking on. However, to cut costs the ship was madewith bulkheads that did not reach to the next deck height. As thewater gushed in through the forward breach the...
Carpathia was the FIRST ship to reach, Titanic.
it was a very important day, the Titanic was know as the biggestship to step sail. Having it sink like it did was a big shock
Well first there was a fire on the ship before people startedboarding, but that wasnt too bad and didnt cause much damage atall, but then it hit the iceberg and sank, which is prettyunfortunate, and many people died or were drowned and trapped inthe ship as the water came in, so i dont think there...
In the 1980s when some people started to try and find the Titanic,they used special scanners that could scan the bottom of the oceanfloor and come up with shapes of things lying on the ocean floor.First they found a ships boiler, which made them excited so theywent down in a special deep water...
Someone from every class died in the Titanic, but mainly in 3rdClass, because as in the movie they locked up the passages so thatthe richest people, first class, could get to the boats firstbecause they had payed the most money, and then 2nd class and 3rdclass, but some of the crew forgot to unlock...
Yes Captin Smith did die with the Titanic. He was brave enough to (as some people say) go down with his ship
The RMS Titanic had 4 funnels; 3 to expel the gases and one to make it look more powerful and was used for ventilation.
Titanic's only sailing (and sinking) was in April 1912.
Millvina Dean was the last living survivor of the Titanic; however;she passed away on May 31, 2009. She was nine weeks old when theTitanic sank.
People who have a higher class and are normally rich.
Most definitely, the bacteria and particles in the bottom of theocean will cause rust until the ship completely disintegrate, andeven the Titanic will completely disintegrate within the nexttwenty years, showing that most ships will last underwater for onlyaround 130 years, but depending on what...
no they did not only the first class passengers had maids
Most lifeboats have a small compartment containing a few bottles offresh water and some cookies and maybe a few other small snacks,but they werent made to last long.
To show dignity. They don't have to sink with their ship, but it shows integrity and pride. The captain is in charge of sailing the ship and keeping everybody on it safe.
Titanic had a triple-chime whistle that could be heard from as faraway as 11 miles.
There were 4 columns, but only three of them worked, the extra onewas just for decoration.
No, Titanic means massive, as it was the biggest ship in the worldat its time
There were monkeys in the shipyards, yes, but "rigging monkey" is amaritime figure-of-speech. They were not primates. According toWikipedia: " RiggingMonkey refers to a crewmember of a sailing vessel whose primary responsibility is to climb the mast , usually with the assistance of a boatswain...
The Titanic was built by Harland and Wolff, shipbuilders for WhiteStar Line. They were on a mission to build an unsinkable ship.
There is a statue of Captain Smith in Lichfield, England done byKathleen Scott, the widow of Robert Scott who died near the SouthPole around March 30th, 1912, two weeks before Smith.
Yes, she was warned by a number of other vessels via radio aboutthe dangers of icebergs in the area. However, the Marconi wirelessoperators were operating over-capacity due to the fact thatwireless was still a novelty in those days, and there was a hugedemand from passengers to send messages to...
Several ships nearby sent out signals to tell them to change courseto avoid the icebergs, but the Titanic did not listen and just kepton going until they collided with one.
It had around 885 crew members
Yes, and it should stay there.
Yes, the Titanic was a 5 stars Luxury ship.
Referring to being very large or massive. Example: That ship is "titanic!"
No. Though some small artefacts have been recovered
The 3 bucket system on passenger ship is a procedure for cleaning.The three include clean, rinse and sanitize and they are not neededeven in other sectors.
The Titanic was rediscovered in 1986. It lies 12, 600 feet or 2.33miles at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
the width of titanic was 335m
The Olympic never collided with her sister ship the Titanic , either in port or out at sea. The only vessel tohave a near-miss with the Titanic was the much smallerAmerican liner the United States as Titanic wasleaving the port of Southampton- she was dragged into the muchbigger ship's path,...
It was steaming at 5 knots below the top speed of 23 knots when thecollision occurred. Its speculated that the ship was put into a allastern command. However, the weight of the vessel would have causedthe ship to still be moving forward but reducing its speed. thereare reports that it did travel...
there was only one designer and loads of builders dont ask me who i forgot lol but he also died on the ship
Titanic sunk about 963 miles from her destination, New York City.
If the Titanic did not sink it would probably be a floating hotel or still a cruise ship
No The Titanic sunk when they hit a iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, because when they hit the iceberg all the water came up to the surface. So all the water was so heavy on the ship that it sunk! Your Welcome! To not delete the previous answer and give you the correct one, The...
The Titanic was built between 1910 and '11 at the Harlandand Wolff shipyards in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She was launchedin the Autumn of 1911, then fitted out and sent for sea-trialsbefore making her maiden voyage in April 1912. The shipyard whereshe was built still exists today.
At first they even didn't realize what had happened, well, actually they just thought they crashed (but they actually "killed" the ship). After he was told that the ship was going to sink in 2 hours he only told Titanic's Staff about it, and that the staff must go and tell everyone to put their life...
Yes, had the iceberg been spotted sooner, had there been moonlightor headlights on the ship to illuminate the water, and had thehelmsman Quartermaster Hitchens reacted quicker than he did.
The scheduled time for the titanic's docking was wednesday,april17,1912 at 11:40pm
"Titanic" (1997) has sold 128,345,900 tickets. On a list of films by number of tickets sold, "Titanic" is number 6.