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Alto Saxophone

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The most common member of the saxophone family of instruments, the alto sax is the instrument-of-choice of many jazz greats. Questions about the alto sax, alto sax players, and alto sax music belong here.
You can't play with just one saxaphone, but, the sheet music for it can be found on google by typing in movie adventures by John Williams. or star wars by John Williams. a a a d hi a hi g hi f# hi e hi c hi a hi g hi f# hi e hi c hi a hi gf#ge It looks like this d d d g d c b a g d c b a g d c b...
GGG gggg Bb Bb C if the G was a quarter note and the g is a 16th note and the Bb and C's are quaters too
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you can go on sites and look or make it yourself. hope i helped
either play the 3 palm keys like a high f and add the key just in front of the right hand palm keys if you have itorthe key above the first finger on the left hand the second finger on the left hand and the bottom of the three right hand palm keys.
Candy Dulfer plays on a Amsterdam Free Wind Alto.
my father gave me his saxophone he got from his parents in 1927 how much is it worth?
A a b a d c# a a b a e d a a a^ f# d c# b g g f# d e d
Lowest=Bb Highest=F# (palm key)* Bb,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#, A,Bb,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#,A, A#, B, C, C#, D(palm key), D#, E (palm key), F (palm key), (F# palm key) *Only newer saxophones have the palm F# key. :) Glad to be of assistance xD
there is no F# scale on Eb saxaphone....
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  i figured this out, so its DD E F# F# F# EE DEF# EF#EF# GF#E. U should be able to figure it out even though i didnt explain very well
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if you mean where will you find notes and not sheet music so you  can play songs on your sax just go to the web/site LETTER NOTE .com  where you will find a whole range of great songs written in easy to  read letter notes . good luck
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The saxophone gets louder when the player blows more air through the mouthpiece or blows harder. You can get that raunchy growling sax sound by humming loudly into the mouthpiece instead of just blowing air.
1. The obvious would be a microphone and amplifier configeration  or.   2. Pastic Reeds. You can buy them online. They make you much  louder, but produce a harsh sound. I would recommend it for  Marching Band. They are also EXTREMELY durable.
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When playing any instrument not just the saxophone your posture should allow you to have plenty of air flow. So sitting up straight would be the best way. Your saxophone can either be between your legs or it's also okay to have your sax to the right of your body. Just make sure you turn your mouth...
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soprano, alto, baritone, and tenor are the most commonly used.
Because depending on the body determines how high or low something  is. A controbass will have a different key than a soprano or alto.  The key of B is normal
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    Candy Dulfer, probably the most famous. Dutch, Grammy-nominated alto player. Very good, too.
Scales for all of the insturments are the same, so any sheet of scales is the same!!
the notes on a alto saxophone are the same as the paino but arange like this 2 key from top is b 4 is c but only 4 246 keys together are c all the keys including 246 789 and the key that is above the left finger rest d 246789 f is 2 4 6 8 , e is 24678 and the key above the key that is above the left...
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This website might help you on it http://www.compukiss.com/basics/function-keys.HTML The F keys on a laptop do the same things they would do on a desktop. That's just to inform you
The saxophone is often a solo instrument. It can be the only horn in small group. In concert bands and jazz big bands there are sections of saxophones. So they play melodies and harmonies in those situations. Saxophones also back up vocalists and other musicians in many groups. With 'horn lines'...
you'll find them here http://iowacreativemusic.com
It's hard to explain in words; I would recommend buying a book of fingering chars (or there are some ok ones online- just google saxophone fingering charts and look for one you understand) These show with picture exactly what buttons to press to get each note.But basically- there should be 7 perloid...
it's E G B B G F E E E G B D C Fsharp Csharp Cnatual E G B F C D DD F C G B A A A E D C C F G E D A A A D E F G B C D G A A A.
If you must start on sax, most teachers would recommend starting on alto sax. It's the easiest to control and much smaller and lighter than the tenor which is the other likely candidate. The soprano is smaller yet, but it's difficult to play in tune and there aren't parts for soprano in much band...
It's a little under two feet. I'm 4' 9'' and I can play it easily.
I don't play alto sax (I'm a horn player) but I've learned clarinet and think I know enough to help answer your question. That sounds like a pretty sweet sax=D Has it always been like that or did you notice a change after you bought it? If something has changed over time, I'd say bring it into the...
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  from mouthpiece to bell it is around three feet. from mouthpiece to bottom of body it is about one and a half feet
#==why does batman play the alto sax.== ==2. is batman good at the alto sax.==
June of 1846 by Adolphe Sax
one difference is the shape of the mouthpiece, which was initially rounder no the tip, allowing for a much richer and smoother tone.
d,d,d,(really fast) g,d, b,a,g, d, g, b,a,g, d, g, b,a,g, rest, rest, G. I'm not for sure but i played it like this and it sounds great
Alto sax:Intro/Chorus:Bb f f# c#... f# f x 4(2:04)C#, C#, C# C#e, e f# ee, e C#C# C#, C#Bb, Ab, F, Eb, F, Ab, Bb, C#C# e ab ab f#f.. f# f C#e f# ab, abab bb b bb b bb ab f# ab... f# e eb C# BAb F# Ab BbAb, Bb, C#. C# e., C#C# C# e e C#, e, f# e f# eC# e ab c#....Outro:f#, f, Bb
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The original saxophone was created in Brussels, Belgium by AdolfSax. It was meant to fill in an "empty gap" in the sound that canbe found in bands. There are many varieties of saxophone (in orderfrom lowest to highest pitch): Contrabass, bass, baritone, tenor,alto, soprano, sopranino, and spranisimo...
Eris Darius is a smooth jazz artist who started playing as a young man. Eric Darius's two main instruments are Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone. He has been seen playing a variety of different saxophone brands.
Okay, first of all, it depends on how much money you want to spend.. probably the best saxophone ever produced is the selmer mark 6, fully restored, this can cost quite a bit, if your trying to keep it cheap, local stores usually have renting programs, for decent horns... and if you find something...
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No, I can't play the Sax. I assume you want your sentence put into correct English. Can you play, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," on the saxophone?"
When I was in fifth grade, my parents chose an Accent brand  saxophone for to use for band. It is an intermediate grade  saxophone and plays really well. I have been using the same  saxophone for eight years now (Senior in high school).
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Adolph Sax was the invetor of the saxophone in the 1840's in Brussels, Belgium and that he named the saxophone after his last name!
Gold plated (18k) Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone #70,xxx
Basically, the alto saxophone along with all saxophones are made of brass, with a plastic, hard rubber, metal, or even glass mouthpiece, with a bamboo reed. Copper and Zinc are alloyed together
Hey, the notes you want are F#, E, B, D, C#. (key of D major) (as in F# F# F# F# F# F# E F#, F# F# F# F# F# F# E F#, B E F# D, B B C# D, E) I would write it out for you properly but i dont know how to upload files here.
There are several minor scales, but I'll assume you mean the natural minor scale. A minor scale can be built on any of the twelve notes, and the note names are the same on any instrument. Instruments in different keys (flute in C, Alto sax in Eb, etc) have to play different scales to sound in unison...
d e f g a b c f g e f g e a c   -   You can also do a Google Image Search for "The Simpsons Theme"  Sheet music.
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THIS IS NOT MASTER OF PUPPETS this is a song by ozzy here are the notesEE GG DD EE CC DD EE B E C E A G F# A G F# E :
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Wesley Magoogan - His playing career ended when he had an accident with a large circular saw which resulted in his fingers being cut off. They were sewn back together but he only has one hand that works properly.
mouthpiecereedligature (Holds the reed to the mouthpieceneck (the curvy part)the body (the big part)
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He obviously has lots of saxophones but the only clue I've got is for his Alto Sax, his primary alto is Selmer Mark VI.
  You can find music for sax- duets, trios, sax and piano at   http://members.sibeliusmusic.com/tim.new