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Quakerism is a 21st century and worldwide religion that originated from those who dissented from the way that Christianity was practiced in England during the tumultuous years that followed the Civil War of the 1640s. The organizational structures that set them apart from other dissenters was established by George Fox and continue to be interpreted by the individual groups of Quakers who function in different countries within groupings termed “Yearly Meetings.” Quakers do not hold any creed and believe that there is something of “God” in every person although in some Quaker churches there are those who do not hold Jesus Christ to be divine or even for there to be a God.
The short answer is no, but the question surely arises from the fact that during the second period of Quaker history, at the outset of the 18th Century, and known as The Quietist Period, a concern against ostentation and vanity led Quakers to adopt what amounted almost to a uniform and enforced its...
No they aren't. I believe they are Christians.
Women are equally important as men and equally able to take on social responsibilities as men.
Yes. Penn had founded the colony of Pennsylvania, and was the Governer, too. He was the leader of the Quakers, as well. Pennsylvania was called the Land of the Quakers because of Penn.
Yes and still does. Quakers got pretty much everywhere and many places still have some Quakers around somewhere although they are often few in numbers.
Some Quakers might have pulpits although many do not because they do not have people appointed to lead their worship or preach.
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I am not sure what a fornt is - possibly it is a mistype of font? If so the answer is no, Quakers do not observe what other Quaker churches refer to as sacraments, such as Baptism so Quakers have no need of a font.
One person was William Penn in Pennsylvania but others supported him and yet others settled in other colonies in countries other than those in North America.
Some, if not most Quakers would describe themselves as Christians today. Most Quaker Churches, if not all are members of The World Council of Churches, which is a Christian organisation.
The Quakers migrated from the United States to CanadaMigrate means go south.Not north.They went to Pennsylvania.
Quakers are members of the Society of Friends. They began as a new religious group in England in the 1600's. They believe in goodness--living their lives in peace. They have no pastor or higher leaders. They have no formal "declaration of beliefs" or creeds, so there are many different answers to ...
A whole variety of translations.
  It's a religion that started in 17th. Century England.
i don't think they owned slaves, Other slave-owning societies and tribes of the New World were, for example, the Tehuelche of Patagonia, the Comanche of Texas, the Caribs of Dominica, theTupinambá of Brazil, the fishing societies, such as the Yurok, that lived along the coast from what is now...
The puritans and the Quakers were to religious groups that formed in the First Great Awakening. the groups may have lived in neighboring colonies, but the groups were completely different. The puritans were very strict about religion and their lifestyle. if you had different beliefs about religion...
The mid-1600s. There is not an exact year because it evolved slowly with founder George Fox's beliefs developing in his early 20s, and then his preaching those beliefs. As the group formed, they were first called 'Friends of Truth' and later simply 'Friends'. Some time after 1650 during one of Fox's...
Quakers were originally from England and spread to the Netherlands before colonists from those countries sought religious freedom in the New World.
William Penn's colony was where the Quakers settled. He wanted to make a colony where Quakers could practice their beliefs freely. William had some land from the king and he decided to call it Pennsylvania. Penn's settlement was called Philadelphia
  yes there were Quakers in New York.  
"Quakers" is a name given to the religious group "The Religious Society of Friends," which began in England around the 17th century. Adherents tend to avoid clergy and rituals and focus on personal spiritual experiences. The founders included George Fox (1624-1691). Quakers are a group of...
Pennsylvania was founded as a safe colony for Quakers.
A quaker corset maker is a person, mostly occurring in the 1700s to 1800s who made women shirts to tighten their waste as a hobby or job.Thomas Paine's, a famous American Revolutionary character's, father was a quaker corset maker. Thomas Paine once was apprenticed by his father but was rejected in...
Guarantees of civil rights, ethnic diversity,and availability of land
The freedom to worship as they chose rather than how they were told they should worship.
In a burial plot or after cremation have their ashes disposed of in as many different ways as non Quakers.
Some did and some still do.
I think it is because Quakers fight with peace, not violence. They try to make it peaceful I think.
they came because they wanted freedom. and they settled in massachusetts.
 "Is it possible to determine the age of a Quaker Parrot? One  the bird reaches adulthood, that's pretty tough to do. When the  bird is younger, there are certain things you can look for to help  determine the bird's age. Find out what those are in this  article.   I am sometimes asked if...
because they Have Reliqous freedom .
He didn't exactly 'find' Quakerism but their style of worship began  from about the early 1650's in England.    George Fox had been travelling around trying to find an  understanding of spirituality.   Answer: The Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends, arose in  the 17th-century...
  I'm guessing zero based on the location of Quaker communities and the fact that they are pacifists.
  Friends. There still exist "Friends'" church denominations in the US.
by boycotting slave-grown sugarby writing petitions to Parliament
  everything but worshipping God, eating, working, and sleeping
  Parents taught children or private teachers taught them.
Their homes and property were used as rest stops for the slaves to stay at.
No, there is no dress code for Quakers. However, some Quakers, particularly conservative Friends, find a spiritual calling to "plain dressing". One of the Quaker testimonies is Simplicity. Each Quaker, lead by the inner light, responds to this testimony in different ways. Some Quakers feel it is...
no they don't Amish don't either
As they or their parents/carers choose, the same as most other girls.
Yes and they still can although few do.
In previous times 'marrying out' that is for a Quaker to marry a non Quaker was considered to be wrong and such a person may have been 'disowned'.
They are a Christian Domination and therefore believe in the basic ideals of Christianity however: Unlike other Christian denominations, some forms of Quakerism completely reject all forms of religious symbolism and outward sacraments, such as baptism or celebrating the Eucharist. Quakers also...
  William Penn (the first owner of Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania was a proprietary colony, along with Delaware (which Penn also owned) and Maryland. A proprietary colony is defined as a type of colony that was not controlled by the king, but someone who was granted land by the King. Penn asked King Charles II to repay a debt owed to his family by...
From the early 1650's onwards including NOW!
No. The Quakers went to Pennsylvania.
i think they were neutral so they didnt do anything in fact they protested (and still do today) about wars of any kindif you want to know what the quaker parrot did, well they were in brazil so they just carried on with the rest of their lives
William Penn became a Quaker when he was in his early 20s. He publicly admitted his faith when he was 22. Since he was born in 1642, this would have been about 1666 or 1667.
Quakers are also called "Friends" and members of the Religious Society of Friends.They were named because they quaked They wore gray to live without drawing attention to themselves
prison reform; abolishing slavery, currently against war--
The services of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are usually referred to as "Meetings for Worship".
The origin of the name "Quaker" is disputed. In 1650, a prominent Friend, George Fox, was brought before Justice Bennet of Derby on a charge of blasphemy. According to Fox's Journal, Bennet "called us Quakers because we bid them tremble at the word of God",[1] a scriptural reference (e.g., Book of...
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Yes, hundreds of thousands in Kenya and some elsewhere.
The Quakers, after arriving in America from England, settled in the Middle Colonies.
  Another name for the Quakers is the 'Religious Society of Friends.'
No. There are many Quakers who are teachers. Quakers and Amish are two very different religious groups.
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why did Quakers oppose slavery
It all depends on the personality of the bird. Some like it, others dont.
The Quakers as a group were not united in their outlook. Given  their disdain for violence, they are typically considered to have  been Loyalists (because the perspective in the USA is that anyone  not actively resisting the British is a Loyalist). However, a  number of Quakers like Benjamin...
Of course! Everybody has an accent. Many members of my Quaker meeting in Swarthmoor, Cumbria, England, UK, have the accent of the Furness district. I have found that Quakers in Bristol, UK, speak with a Bristol accent, those in Dublin, Eire have a Dublin accent and those in Manchester, UK, have a...
The Quakers didn't have any holidays.
Some do, some don't but most Quakers attempt to live their lives as if no day is more or less sacred or important than any other day.
9...? Or perhaps a bit older!
Between about the early 1640's and mid 1650's.
Quality Wool, from my knowledge.
Yes the Quaker's did believe that all people were equal in gods sight.
A Quaker is a Quaker is a Quaker. Quakers refer to each other as 'Friend', believing that all people, no matter what title or status they may hold or crime they might have committed is as important and significant as any other person.
I think it is connected with a belief that ALL people are equal and that in no circumstance is anyone more important than any other person.
 ==Their beliefs made pennsiylvania a place of religious toleration and fairness.== 
Dr. Peck refers to Quakers as the original Community Builders...., (my memory is a bit hazy here, help me out...). Quiet (often silent) church services are a part of their tradition.
True. Abraham Lincoln's Great, great Grandfather Enoch Levi Mordecai Solomon Abraham was a Quaker.
They didn't have conflicts. Each had it's own colony and a philosophy of non violence.