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Franklin Pierce

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Franklin Pierce was the 14th President of the United States and served from March 4, 1853 to March 4, 1857.
Franklin Pierce (Democrat ) was victorious. He defeated Winfield Scott (Whig)
He was smart enough when he applied himself. He was last in his class when he began his junior year in college, but his friend Zenas Caldwell pressured him to reform his study habits and tutored him and he graduated 5th in his class.
He went to the Hancock and Francestown Academies and Bowdoin College where he graduated. He then studied privately under lawyers until he passed the bar exam.
He was a leader of the Jacksonian Democrats while in Congress. He helped hasten the Civil War by signing the Kansas-Nebraska Act, although he did not know that his signing of the bill would speed the clash between North and South. By repealing the Missouri Compromise, the K-N Act opened up the...
This nickname was campaign hype. "Old Hickory" was Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party that nominated Pierce. The Granite Hills refer to New Hampshire where Pierce lived.
No. He was a weak president, and suffered greatly from an accident that killed his son in full view of his wife. He became an alcoholic and probably had the worst life of any of the former Presidents of the USA. He was one of the most useless Presidents in the history of our nation.
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Franklin Pierce's Vice President was William R. King. He died fromtuberculosis after just serving 45 days in office.
He had no dreams that he wrote down for posterity to read. He may have dreamed of a military career when he was a small boy listening to his father's stories about life in the army. (His father served as a non-com under Washington in the Revolutionary War and he later became a general in the New...
Pierce's paternal grandparents were Benjamin Pierce (1736-1764) and Elizabeth Merrill (1728- 1764) His maternal grandparents were Benjamin Kendrick( 1723-1812) and Sarah Harris (1729-1818)
He is not known for having cats.
Jane Means Appleton Pierce was born in Hampton , New Hampshire on March 12,1806
Pierce served just one term (1853-1857)
From a political standpoint, Pierce had great respect for the federal union and the US Constitution which made it possible. From a personal standpoint, he believed in and no doubt valued highly the teachings of his religion. He also valued the approval of the people around hiim.
His Democratic party became disenchanted with him while he was in office and they decided not to nominate him for a second term. Pierce had supporters at the Democratic convention, but James Buchanan prevailed in the battle for the nomination.
Pierce entered Bowdoin College in fall of 1820.
Pierce took the oath on March 4, 1853.
!855 was Pierce's third year as President and the first year for the new Congress. Midterm elections had produced a great change in Congress. Pierce's party lost 73 seats to leave them with 84 out of 252, The Whigs dropped by 11 to 60. The new Know-Nothings (American ) Party won 62 and the new...
At the Battle of Contreras, his horse lurched suddenly throwing Pierce hard against the pommel of his saddle and wrenched his knee. He passed out from the pain. ( Political mudslingers said later that he fainted from fright in his first battle.)
Pierce was not successful as a president. In fact, he did not win his party's nomination for a second term. He is the only president from New Hampshire.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but one can make a strong case that he was the handsomest president ever when he was elected. Later presidents, Harding, Kennedy and Reagan might challenge him for the honor.
It is found near Hillsborough, New Hampshire. It is now a museum ,open to visitors.
Franklin Pierce had 4 brothers and 2 sisters, not counting one who  died as a baby, plus a half-sister from his father's first  marriage.    Benjamin Kendrick Pierce (August  29, 1790- August 1, 1850)    Nancy M. Pierce McNeil (November 2,  1792-August 27, 1837)    John Sullivan...
He stayed with his one and only one wife until she died and he did not remarry. His marriage was difficult but I would not say that it "fell apart" . Pierce loved his wife and tried to help her end her depression and morbid pre-occupation with her dead son.
He was the fourteenth president so that means thirteen presidents served before him.1.George Washington 2. John Adams 3.Thomas Jefferson 4.James Madison 5.James Monroe 6.John Quincy Adams 7.Andrew Jackson 8.Martin Van Buren 9.William Harrison 10.John Tyler 11.James Polk 12.Zachery Taylor 13.Millard...
I do not know of any awards Pierce received. He was given the honor of making a speech at his college graduation.
Pierce had a wife and three sons. Sadly, one died as a baby, one died at age four and one was killed in a train accident at age 11.
Some examples are .Franklin Pierce University with main campus at Rindge, NH .Franklin Pierce Law Center at Concord, NH .Franklin Pierce School District 402 of Tacoma, Washington .Pierce County, Washington .Fort Pierce, Florida .Franklin Pierce Lake- a reservoir in Hillsborough County, NH
The treaty was signed by Pierce and submitted to the Senate on February 10, 1854. April 26, 1854 was the date that the final version of the treaty was ratified by the Senate. It became final June 8.1864 when Mexico agreed to the final version.
There is no Franklin Pierce library like recent Presidents have. Pierce apparently destroyed most of his White House papers . His house in Concord , New Hampshire and his boyhood home in Hillsborough, NH have been maintained and are open to visitors. The New Hampshire Historical in Concord, NH has a...
Pierce was a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant American from New England .
Franklin's father was a soldier and politician. He also ran a tavern on occasion . He served two terms as governor of NH . His mother kept house and raised her 7 children.
They were normal kids. I think, but they all died before they became teenagers so they did not do anything of note . Franklin Pierce, Jr., died at 3 days old Frank Robert Pierce, died at 4 years Benjamin Pierce, died at 12; train wreck on trip to Washington with his parents
The only known writings of his are some letters.
Pierce was an admirer of President Andrew Jackson. Even though he did not particularly want to be president, he must have had been inspired by Andrew Jackson's example of what a president could be.
He was the 14th President of the United States.
Pierce was a Jackson Democrat and served one term as President.
Pierce believed in the Constitutional right of a state to allow slavery but he was not pro-slavery. Therefore it seemed reasonable to let the people in a territory to decide if they wanted to allow slavery instead of the using the Missouri Compromise procedure to admitting states in pairs, one slave...
No- he stayed with her until she died.
He believed in the federal union and the Constitution that made it possible. Concerning the slavery issue, he noted that the Constitution was a carefully engineered compromise worked out by the framers, some of whom were slave owners and some of whom objected to slavery. He was a Democrat in the...
He was given seven miniature Japanese dogs and two birds by  Commodore Perry that he brought back from Japan. He gave one away  to the wife of his friend , Secretary of War Jefferson Davis.  Pierce reportedly kept dogs on his estate as a rule.
If you got it in change, it's exactly $1. All of the new Presidential dollars are circulating coins worth face value only. They're made of brass; hundreds of millions of each design are being put into circulation so it's extremely unlikely they'll go up in value. You can buy uncirculated or proof...
Nothing Franklin Pierce wasn't the president in 1954.
He became president of the United States on March 4, 1853.
no- Pierce lived in New Hampshire all of his life except when he was in the army or serving in Washington. He did, however believe that the constitution protected the right to own slaves.
Pierce liked to write and deliver speeches. He enjoyed his law practice, especially jury trials where he was very good at persuading a jury. He was very interested in politics, particularly at the state level. For fun, he liked to fish.
Yes, Pierve appointed John A. Campbell to the court.
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(paraphrased from his statue on the state Capitol grounds atConcord) Franklin Pierce was .Fourteen president of the United States ( the only one fromNH and the youngest at his time>) .a lawyer who loved his profession and was a great leader atit .a member and speaker of the New Hampshire...
While he was very ill, she assisted by organizing and weeding out trivial matters that did not need his attention. She also represented him at social gatherings to cover up for his illness.
He was fairly successful , A treaty was signed with Mexico to annex the strip of land known as the Gadsden Purchase. A trade treaty was signed with Japan. A dispute with Austria involving an American accused of espionage was settled favorably. The big failure was his attempt to purchase Cuba from...
No- he was not known to have been a mason.
Pierce had a good cabinet and he was honest, although he drank too  much. There was an international incident that leaked out over  attempts to buy Cuba and a veiled threat to take it by force if it  could not be bought.
Andover, New Hampshire was the location of the train accident that killed young Benjamin Pierce.
The one in Washington state was named after Pierce because he was President when Washington Territory was created .
There is possibly more than one Franklin Pierce High School, but the ones in Washington state undoubtedly honor Pierce because he was the President when Washington Territory was broken off from Oregon in 1853.
He went to private academies that took the place of a high school . He was taught enough to pass the entrance exams and carry the classwork at Bowdoin College.
He had served in both houses of Congress but his wife hated to live im Washington so he retired from government and went back home to New Hampshire to concentrate on his law practice. He paid attention to state politics and made political speeches but resisted efforts to get him to run for office...
The only picture of Pierce's children that I have every seen is one of his wife with his son Benjamin. You can see it at the related link below/
Jane Means Appleton Pierce died December 2, 1863 at Andover, ,New Hampshire from TB.
The picture you are referring to was taken when he was about to leave office. I do not know the reason for it, but it was not a habit. I would guess that is was the photographer's idea. Maybe he thought the pose looked statesmanlike a la Napoleon. In Napoleon's day or before, the hand in jacket pose...
Pierce was one of the weaker US presidents. He made a serious political miscalculation when he wholeheartedly supported the Kansas-Nebraska Act which turned out to be a nightmare. There was also an international embarrassment when his plans to annex Cuba leaked out. His only child to live to...
Pierce was not assassinated. He died of natural causes a few weeks short of his 65th birthday.
The expedition was actually sent off before Pierce took office. its purpose of the expedition was to set up a base in Japan for ships to obtain coal. The was also concern about the treatment of ship-wrecked sailors who washed up in Japanese waters and in general to begin trade with Japan. Although...
He is often credited with making the first White House Christmas tree by decorating one of the fir trees in the White House lawn.
Pierce decorated a tree on the White House lawn for a Chistmas tree. He did not have an indoor tree.
He supposedly decorated a tree on the White House lawn for a Christmas tree.
He lived in the White House like every other president since 1800. He lived in New Hampshire before and after he was president.
Pierce had a successful war record- he rose from colonel to brigadier general.
His supporters compared him to Andrew Jackson during his presidential campaign, calling him "Young hickory of the Granite Hills.".
Pierce served in the New Hampshire state legislature, as a US Congressman and US Senator before he was President. He also was a brigadier general in the US army during the Mexican War.
yes- he was something of a hero. He fought at Bunker Hill and Saratoga and served under Washington at Valley Forge and was a non-commissioned officer. After the war, when a peace time militia was created he helped organize it and eventually was made a general.
He was awesome he is related to me i think he should be more higher up in the ranks than where he is right now sitting towards the bottom.
No- he had one and only one wife.
I am not sure what he would say, but happiest time of his life was after he came back from the Mexican War as a hero and people called him General Pierce. His father held the same title and was known for telling his tales of military exploits. His found a new law partner who complemented Pierce's...
no.he has a brother called gullible!
Franklin Pierce was a lawyer. He had three sons, all of whom died before they were teenagers.
November 19, 1834 was the wedding day for Franklin Pierce and Jane Means Appleton. The wedding took place at the home of the brides maternal grandparents in Amherst, New Hampshire.
He practiced law before he entered politics. He then was elected tothe NH state legislature, was elected US Congressman,then USsenator. He resigned before completing his term as senator and camehome to practice law and make more money. He volunteered for thearmy when the Mexican War began and was a...
He retired to his home in Concord, New Hampshire.
He was not plagued with any scandals of immorality that I know of.
He got the name because of his appearance. There may have been some negative suggestion that his appearance was his greatest asset.
$10 million was spent for the Gadsden Purchase. $37 million went to pay down the national debt from #69 million when he took office down to $31 million when he left. Around $20 million went to native Americans for land and annuities. Surveys and studies were made for a trans-continental railroad....
Pierce spent his childhood at Hillborough, New Hampshire.
He was the 14th US president and served four years of a difficult period in American history.
Some Pierce quotes. I don't know which is the most famous or most important. A Republic without parties is a complete anomaly. The histories of all popular governments show absurd is the idea of their attempting to exist without parties. Frequently the more trifling the subject, the more animated...
Pierce did not go to law school. He did what almost every aspirant lawyer dis in those days, he went to a practicing lawyer and "read" law from him . He started work with the lawyer in his hometown of Hillsborough, but moved to study with future Supreme Court Justice, Levi Woodbury and three others...
No- he is usually considered one of the least successful full-term presidents.
The Whig party was the base of the North but were close to splitting in 1852 and many of the them jumped to the new Republican party in the next election because their desire to abolish slavery. Their founders Daniel Webster and John Quincy Adams had recently died. The decision to include support of...
NO- Pierce was of average height. The shortest was James Madison.
No- Pierce belonged to the opposition party, the Democrats.
Yes he was married and had three sons, all of whom died before they reached adulthood.
He was a friendly likable person. He wanted people to like him and that made it hard for him to refuse requests. Consequently he did not always make it clear when he refused a favor and people would go away thinking he had agreed to grant their request. They got mad later when he saw that was not...