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James A. Garfield

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James A. Garfield was the 20th President of the United States and served from March 4, 1881 to September 19, 1881.
Everyone who runs in the election gets votes and the person who  gets the most votes wins and gets to be president.
James A. Garfield was only 20 years old in 1852, he has now passed away. The grave of James A. Garfield is in Bodie, California.
The Pendelton Civiill Service Reform Act of 1883 became law.
November 19,1831 was the date of Garfield's birth.
He was an ardent member of the Disciples of Christ. As a student at  Williams College he was something of a zealot and did some lay  preaching. Later he attracted attention for debating an atheist on  the pro-God side in a series of debates.
i think the only thing was that he was assasinated.. its not much but its nicer than what the last answer was
Former U.S. President was not a U.S. Senator. James A. Garfield wasa member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing Ohio.
Guiteau was a mentally deranged person who believed he had earned a job under the "spoils system" and was bitterly disappointed when he did not get an appointment.
He served in the military, became president and became a general in Rosecrans
Chester A. Arthur was vice president.
"Bring integrity back to the white house
He was elected in 1880 and took office in 1881.
I think Guiteau assassinated James Garfield because Guiteau was angry about something.
Chester A. Arthur was the Veep and became president after Garfield died.
Robert T. Lincoln (son of Abraham) was Secretary of War; William H. Hunt was Secreary of the Navy. (There was no secretary of defense at that time. )
James A. Garfield's wife's name was Lucretia Rudolph.
Garfield was shot and fatally wounded on July 2, 1881.
He was 49 when he took office in March of 1881. He would have turned 50 when he had his birthday in November had he not be killed.
He went to a place called the university of new hamburger
Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881 at 9:30 am. He died on September 19, 1881 from infections resulting from the wounds.
James Garfield went to grade school in Orange County, Ohio, near where he lived. He spent one year at the Geauga Academy in Chester, Ohio in order to prepare to enter college.
yes. He had a mare named Kit and a dog named Veto when he lived in  the White House.
Garfield was two years old from September 19, 1833 until September 18, 1934. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet, died then.
he was rude to the guy Who shot him
Charles J. Guiteau was born on September 8, 1841.
a deranged disappointed office seeker
I have come across no evidence that Garfield had anything to do with the establishment of Howard University, a college founded by the First Congregationalist Society of Washington (D.C) as a theological school for African Americans in 1867. Though Garfield was serving his third term (of nine total)...
No- he was never VP. He was an 8-term congressman when he was nominated for president.
James Rudolph Garfield was born on October 17, 1865.
James Rudolph Garfield was born on October 17, 1865.
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He assassinated President James A. Garfied and was sentenced to death by hanging.
Because it would look prettier in a museum display about President James A. Garfield's assasination.
Because it would have added a dollar to the purchase price and he could not afford such extravagance.
  26 years old to James Abram Garfield (19 November, 1831 - 19 September, 1881), Eclectic Institute teacher, Disciples of Christ preacher, on 11 November, 1858 in yard of her parents home, Hiram, Ohio. The Garfields did not honeymoon after their wedding but moved into two rented rooms on the...
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Owens joined Caterpillar in 1972 and had been group president of the Component Products and Control Systems Division and an executive office member of Caterpillar.
he was born on November 19 1831 in Orange, Ohio
Garfield was shot on July 2 and died on September 19. so he lived for about 12 weeks.
President Garfield was at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington DC (since demolished) as he was due to travel to his alma mater, Williams College and deliver an address.
Garfield was 49 when he died. He would have been 50 the next month.
He was executed by hanging.
One of the places named after James Abram Garfield is James A. Garfield Middle School
He liked golf and billards
He attempted to reestablish the Independance of the Presidency. Started the work of Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act Arthur finally signed the Pendleton Civil Act on Jan. 16, 1883.
the guy who shot and killed president Garfield. it's spelled Charles though.
The future US president commanded troops of the 42nd Ohio Volunteer  Regiment beginning in late 1861, under General Don Carlos Buell. In  1862 he fell ill, but returned to serve for nearly a year as chief  of staff to General William Rosecrans, famously avoiding more Union  losses at the Battle...
because Charles Guiteau was an insane looney. He was mad at the president for not giving him a higher rank. Charles thought that he helped Garfield win the election of 1880.
Other than his inaugural address on March 4, 1881, no I don't think so.
He wasn't bad, he just didn't get to accomplish much as president due to his unfortunately short tenure. He died of gunshot wounds only six months into office.
Both were shot with a revolver by a crackpot would-be anarchist, both died from their wounds, and both of their assassins were tried, convicted and executed.
Garfield and Arthur won the Election of 1880.
He lived in Ohio. His last home was a few miles east of Cleveland, in Mentor, Ohio.
james a. garfield fought in the battle of Middle Creek
He was born November 19, 1831. He will be 183 in November of 2014.
imformation about james a. garfield's family
He was tried for killing Garfield, convicted and executed by hanging. The defense claimed insanity. The trial lasted two months and the courtroom was packed most days. Seen the related links for more details about the assassination and the trial.
what led james a garfield running for president
A horse named Kit and a dog named Veto were James Garfield's pets according to an educational website.
He walked, rode horseback and in horse-drawn vehicles. He rode trains - there was a rail connection near his property. He rode in boats of various sizes. He died before motorcars and buses and airplanes were available.
He is the 20th President of the US
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Garfield was a U.S minister, a lawyer, teacher, minister, preacher, solider, U.S senator, and a governor of France i think that's it but not sure but i hope it helped :-)
being the second president assinated and serving in the army
he did casue he wqas in battle a lot and that might just happen u no
Chester Alan Arthur , who was elected vicepresident, became the 21st President when James Garfield died froman assassin's bullet. Arthur took office on September 20,1881 andserved out the term which ended March 4,1885.
He served in the US Congress for nine terms before he was elected President.
Garfield did't veto any bills and pushed the million war bill...for almost a million dollars to states? O.o 6 months of tenure didn't show much? But he didn't show any bills signed in his tenure? Or am I not educated enough upon that?
Garfield was elected to nine terms as a US Congressman . He was elected to the Senate the year he was elected President and so never served in the Senate. He was also a state Senator in Ohio.
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