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William McKinley

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William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States and served from March 4, 1897 to September 14, 1901.
The 25th President of the United States was William McKinley from March 4, 1897 to September 14, 1901. His first Vice President was Garret Hobart from 1897-1899. Garret Hobart died while in office on November 21, 1899 and from 1899-1901 there was no Vice President. Theodore Roosevelt was the Vice...
He was against war at first, but changed his attitude after the sinking of the Maine.
According to Wikipedia, he was known as the Napoleon of Protection.
Because of the mysterious sinking of the USS Maine.
EXECUTIVE MANSION, WASHINGTON, (edited version) December 21, 1898.. With the treaty of peace between the United States and Spain the future control and government of the Philippine Islands are ceded to the United States. The military government heretofore maintained by the United States in the...
25th President William McKinley served in the American Civil War in 1861-1865.
President William McKinley was attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY on 6 September 1901. At a reception shaking hands, he was shot by an anarchist, Leon Czolgosz. McKinley died on 14 September. Read more: [[When President William McKinley was killed#ixzz15yYGWgal|http://wiki...
Her name was Ida Saxton McKinley.
He was not known to do any cooking.
The Spanish-American War occured during hisadministration.
William McKinley was the US President during the Spanish American War.
McKinley was in office during the Spanish American War.
Once McKinley was assassinated, Teddy Roosevelt became President .
He liked to play cribbage and euchre with his wife, Ida. He was president of the YMCA in Canton, Ohio before he was President. One of his favorite plays was Rip Van Winkle.
"Remember the Maine" was the slogan associated with the Spanish-American War. I am not sure that McKinley used it. The slogan referred to the sinking of the US battleship Maine which exploded and sunk for uncertain reasons in the Havana harbor.
Ida McKinley suffered from epilepsy and had seizures in public on occasion.
William McKinley was born on January 29, 1843.
They were all US presidents who were assassinated while in office.
William McKinley, Jr. was the full name ofPresident McKinley. His father died before he was President, so theJr. became irrelevant.
Yes, in 1900, but was assassinated early into his second term.
He was Garrett A. Hobart (June 3, 1844 - November 21, 1899), a wealth corporate lawyer from New Jersey. He died in office so McKinley needed a new running mate in 1900 and Theodore Roosevelt was chosen. McKinley's first vice president was Garret Hobart.
William McKinley's daughter Ida died at four months old of SIDS. His daughter Katherine died of typhoid fever at the age of four.
yes both of them died before they could reach 5 yrs old
No, he didn't. He was the 25th president, though.
He went to the Poland Seminary, a private prep school in Poland, Ohio.
Ida Saxton Mckinley was Willam Mckinley's Wife and first Lady!
William Mckinley joined the civil war when he was 22 years old! He could have gotten hurt but he would rather risk his life than others.
He was the 25th President of the U.S.
wore a red carnation in his lapel for good luck
I would guess it would be to ask for a declaration of war against Spain.
William McKinley declared war on Spain. In less than four months the US won! The US gained control of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Cuba gained independence.
Democrat William Jennings Bryan , the greatcommoner from Nebraska, ran against McKinley both times, in 1896and again in 1900.
He was the first President to use the telephone. He was President during the Spanish-American War.
He was a good Commander in Chief. He let the military take care of the details.
McKinley and his wife had two daughters both of whom died as infants . .Katherine "Katie" McKinley (1871-1875)- died of typhoid fever. .Ida McKinley (1873-1873)
The Republicans, basically anyone in the U.S. who didn't live in the south. Really, anyone with common sense would have voted McKinley because William Jennings Bryan was a nutjob.
He was able to induce the US Congress to legislate an act of war against Spain, in 1898. This became known as the Spanish-American War. Many believed the sinking of the Maine, just off the coast of Cuba, was a US act of scuttling a warship, as a pretext to legitimizing war against Spain. At any rate...
President William McKinley did have two children with his wife.Both girls died in childhood. He was the 25th President of theUnited States.
yes he did he had a dog
In the 1896 U.S. presidential election, William McKinley ran against William J. Bryan. And the same thing for the 1900 U.S. presidential election.
Leon F. Czolgosz (1873-1901), an unemployed mill worker and active anarchist from Detroit was the assassin.
Of course he was nice- you do not get far in politics if you are not nice. McKinley was noted for being especially open, friendly, even tempered with a dry wit.
to end the fighting between the Spanish government and the Cuban rebels.
William McKinley was 54 years old when he was elected as president of US.
there were various reasons that lead to McKinley victory against the William Jennings Bryan. Strong background, supporting gold standard during inflation in economy, getting urban, religious and ethnic groups' votes are some aspect that Bryan was missing during 1896 election. http://wiki.answers...
He was an intelligent man who was protective of his country and wanted his country to be better than all the rest.
William McKinley was US President when the Philippines were acquired by the US.
Four US Presidents have been assassinated while inoffice : .Abraham Lincoln (1865) .James A. Garfield (1881) .William McKinley (1901) .John F. Kennedy (1963) There have been about two dozen actual attempts on many otherPresidents. Andrew Jackson was not hurt after a man pointed two...
They believed that we should take over other country's
7,035,638 was McKinley's share of the 1896 popular vote.
25th President of the United States .In office March 4, 1897 - September 14, 1901.Vice President .Garret Hobart (1897-1899) .None (1899-1901) .Theodore Roosevelt (1901) .Preceded by .Grover Cleveland.Succeeded by .Theodore Roosevelt.39th Governor of Ohio .In office January 11,...
William McKinley won the 1896 presidential election defeatingWilliam J. Bryan. In the 1896 presidential election WilliamMcKinley received 271 electoral votes and William Bryan received176 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were McKinley7,108,480 and Bryan 6,511,495. .Incumbent President...
McKinley got 271 electoral votes and carried 23 states in 1896.
William McKinley spent 4,000,000$ USD while his democratic opponent, William Jennings Bryan, spent 3,000,000$ USD. McKinley gave people money for speaking for him and speaking against Bryan. He just stayed on his front porch, and people came to him.
Yes. He attended Allgheny College
1896 U.S. Presidential Election Results: ------------------------------------------------- .224 votes (50.1%) - minimum required .271 votes (60.6%) - fmr. Gov. William McKinley (R-OH) .176 votes (39.4%) - fmr. U.S. Rep. William Jennings Bryan (D-NE) 1900 U.S. Presidential Election...
No. But his second-term Vice President Theodore Roosevelt became famous as a colonel in the volunteer cavalry known as the Rough Riders.
He was part of the worldwide anarchy movement of his time that thought all government was evil and needed to be destroyed. He believed he was doing the world a favor by killing the president. He never showed any signs of remorse.
One thing in its favor is that it was only 75 miles from his home. Allegheny College was founded as a Methodist college and was still affiliated with the Methodist Church at that time. McKinley was a staunch Methodist and was a student at the Methodist affiliated Poland Seminary when he applied to...
He was killed while he was in office.
He died while he was in office from an assassin's bullet.
he is on there because he is the president and the president is awesome
William McKinley was the 25th president of the united States. He led the nation to victory in 100 days in the spanish-american war. He also allowed the U.S. to gain control of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.
Yes he did. While going into High School he contracted a disease that made him drop out.
McKinley's 1896 campaign slogan was "Patriotism, Protection and Prosperity." His 1900 campaign slogan was "A Full Dinner Pail."
The Spanish-American War, Occupation of Cuba, Panic of 1893, Philippine-American War, Boxer Rebellion, Gold Standard Act, Annexation of Hawaii