He who made it didnt want it he who brought it didn't need it he who used it never saw it?

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What is the mystery zone for in Pokemon and if Nintendo didn't want us to cheat and we are never able to get into the mystery zone how come it has the name mystery zone built into the game?

Although you can go to mystery zone with AR you can also tweak it. tweaking it means you can cheat with out AR BUT IT MORE RISKY and can be stuck in darkness forever and force

Boyfriend thinks I dumped him when I didnt I tried contacting him and telling him I didn't and how much I miss him and he wont respond and I want to get back together?

There is obviously some miscommunication going on between you two on both parts - there is no room for games when it comes to a relationship. If he hasn't responded or spoke w

Which US General saw the need for a US Navy?

George Washington may have suggested it, but Congress commissioned the Navy on Oct. 13, 1775. John Adams stated " a navy is our natural and only defense". Since the question d