How can you find a friend?

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How do you find a friend?

the best way to find friend is not trying to find them . listen to your classmates when they speak . dont interrupt or it would make a bad impression . while calling them try

How do you find an old friend?

You could start by trying any old mutual friends that may know or family members or even check the directory of areas they have known to be in. If you want to spend money you

How do you find friends?

Just be yourself. Get involved with others, as it expands your world. The more smiles you give, the more smiles you will receive.

How to find friends?

first you go up to them and smile and say nicely 'can you be my friend'and they might say yes

Were can you find friends?

ALL OVER THE WORLD.. . Depending on your age, at school, college, sports hall, youth club, drama classes, etc etc. You need to make an effort and socialise to get friends a

How do you find friend?

Just go up to someone and ask if you can sit with them, such as at lunch. Be polite and courteous when first meeting someone, not rude, loud, and obnoxious. Also try to make s

Where do you find friends?

There are many places to meet friends. You can join a club, organization, or sports team. You can also begin by simply speaking to those around you. If this doesn't w

How do you get a girl that is your friend to like you and if she does how do you find out?

Basically I'm a girl and I've liked my best friend for a year and a half, I told him that I liked him and he kinda took it weirdly at first but then we got closer and closer,

How can you find a friend online in England?

You might try finding your friend on England by joining Facebook which is a popular site to make friends. You can leave a message for your friend and hope that they may be on

How do you find your friend?

Well: . You could try yelling their name . Calling them . texting them . looking up their name on facebook/myspace/twitter/ect . ask other people if they have seen your

Will you find me as a friend?

Well it just depends on what type of person you are. If you are kind and caring towards others then more than likely yes! Scientists say that people enjoy other people that ca