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You can't force people to like things. Cronus was not the one whocreated people. It was Prometheus who created life-forms in theimage of Zeus and Hera. He then added a little bit of Chaos to makethem come to life and to stay living.
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Who is Cronus the Greek god?

Cronos (called Saturn by the Romans), the last born to Gaia, takes revenge upon Ouranos, who hates all his children with a vengeance. With a sickle, given to him by Gaia he at

Why is cronus the greek god of Saturn?

  Cronus is not the greek god of Saturn, Saturn is his Roman name. As for why the Romans named him Saturn, I don't know.

Where did greek god cronus live?

The greek god Cronus lived on the top of mount Olympus with his brothers and sisters including his sister Rhea which was also his wife who he had six kids with but Cronus swal

What was Cronus job as a Greek God?

Cronus was the Titan god of time and the ages, especially time where regarded as destructive and all-devouring. He is the father of Zeus.

Where can cronus the greek god be found?

In Greek mythology, it is said that Cronus (or Cronos or Kronos), who is actually a Titan, not a god, was chopped to pieces with his own scythe by his son Zeus, and cast into