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How do flamingos senses help defend themselves?

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They peck with their beaks and stay in large groups.They don't use their senses.
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How do clownfish defend themselves?

The dont really defend themselves so much. Their defence is speed and camoflage (they blen in with many anemities) and other coral to avioid bring eaten but as far as actual d

How do lions defend themselves?

They bite scratch, roar and tackle. not as though it is very often that they need to. The only time would be when is being attacked by an other lion. They use their claws and

How do pink flamingos protect themselves?

Pink Flamingos protect themselves by pecking predators with their beaks in a fast jerk like motion. Flamingos also stay in large groups to avoid and confuse predators.

How do kinkajos defend themselves?

Kinkajous are rarely seen so they are quite safe, but if neededthey will cling onto the attacker with all their limbs then bitingand injuring them with their teeth.

What helps rattlesnakes defend themselves?

As with all snakes, a rattlesnake's first choice in defense is toget away from a threat and hide. If the snake feels it is corneredwith will rattle its tail, using loose skin