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Don't focus too much on realistic jokes. Think of something that isreally funny and apply it to a person. And there you go!
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What are yo mama jokes?

Yo mama jokes are jokes with a certain format that begin with the  phrase, "Yo mama be like..." Yo Mama is slang for your mother, so  they all describe a female and frequent

Who made up yo mama jokes?

It more than likely is a descendant of "Your mother wears combat boots" or the alternate "Your mother wears army boots". No sources are sure of its origin but most agree that

Who came up with the first yo mama joke?

The legend has it that slaves told the first jokes of that sort. While they were on ships, it was uncomfortable, it was crowded, everyone was bored, and few spoke the same lan

What is yo mama jokes?

Yo Mamma so fat, she jumped in the air and got stuck. Yo Mamma so fat, she looks at the menu and says "ok " Yo Mamma so fat she sat on a quarter and a booger flew outta Wa

Who is the person who made up yo mama jokes?

some lady that lived in america  had children  and her children loved there mom so much that they would go to school and brag about her, eventually the classmates got tired