How do you come up with yo mama jokes?

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you just say "Yo Mama" then something mean
Don't focus too much on realistic jokes. Think of something that isreally funny and apply it to a person. And there you go!
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What is a yo mama joke?

A joke starting with [yo mama]. But this is very insulting towardmothers. Examples: Yo mama so fat when she jumped on a rainbow skittles fell down! Yo mama's so fat she wen

Who made up yo mama jokes?

It more than likely is a descendant of "Your mother wears combat boots" or the alternate "Your mother wears army boots". No sources are sure of its origin but most agree that

Who created 'yo mama' jokes?

They may have been created by slaves who came from Africa. Imaginebeing chained to people who cannot even speak your language andbeing on a ship with captors who cannot speak

Who came up with the first yo mama joke?

The legend has it that slaves told the first jokes of that sort. While they were on ships, it was uncomfortable, it was crowded, everyone was bored, and few spoke the same lan

Who is the person who made up yo mama jokes?

some lady that lived in america . had children . and her children loved there mom so much that they would go to school and brag about her, eventually the classmates got tire

Are yo mama jokes old?

No, and there's a famous YouTube channel called Yomama where youcan submit those kind of jokes and they could get animated. If you are asking if they have been around for a l

What are some yo mamas jokes?

YO MOMMA SO STUPID * Yo mama's so stupid, she thinks you're funny. * Yo mama's so stupid when you asked for a colored TV, she asked "What color?" * Yo momma so stupid it