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How do you divide the cream soda on mission 10 club penguin?

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its easy all you do is keep pressing space
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Where is the cream soda on Club Penguin?

If you're talking about the mission go to the beach and on the first floor after a tremor you will see a pengin holding them steady and you will ask him for one.

How do you divide the cream soda into 4 units on club penguin mission waddle squad?

Pour liquid from the left beaker into the middle beaker.Pour liquid from the middle beaker into the right beaker.Pour liquid from the right beaker into the left beaker.Pour li

How do you get cream soda on Club Penguin?

I am assuming that you are talking about the mission. If so, this is the answer: Go to the beach and enter the lighthouse. Pass the stage where there is the guy tying balloo

How do you do mission 10 on club penguin with dividing the cream soda?

You see a help note in a bottle. You turn to the help note to divide the cream soda. For example, it says first '8, 0, 0' and you see the biggest glass filled till 8, while th