How do you find out if a company had a profitable year?

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The easiest way to find public company financials is looking uptheir stock ticker on Yahoo Finance. If the company is private yourbest source is press releases put out by the company.
From the last quarterly report.
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What is profit in a company?

Answer profit in a company . profit in a company. this is increase in revenue received by the company.. Answer profit in a company . profit in a company. this is incr

How much profit do oil companies make each year?

\nTaken from 'The Guardian' newspaper in the U.K today (third Sept 2008)\n. \nShell was today accused of making "obscene" profits at a time when pensioners, motorists and ind

What do companies do with their profits?

One thing public companies do with their profits is pay dividends to shareholders. For example it appears Proctor and Gamble paid approximately $1.68/share over the past year

Can a private company declared dividend out of current years profit and loss account though it has carry forward loss in profit and loss account?

Dividend declaration and dividend payments are two different things. Anyways, the preliminary dividend decision lies on the company's current year performance(profit after tax

How can you find out if a company is a non profit?

The Secretary of State Office keeps a database of non-profit companies. In most cases it is online. The website also has a database on non-profits. You can also ask th