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At 10 you don't "get a boyfriend." A boy is not a pair of shoes you pick off a shelf and you are too young to be thinking about a boyfriend. Go get involved in things you like to do, learn about the world, and get good grades in school.
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Having a boy or girlfriend at 10-years-old is OK but most kids this age are more inclined to stay single until much older. Children want to be children at least until they reach Puberty.
You would be best advised to just be friends with boys or girls the same age as you without the commitment of a relationship until a bit older.
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Can 10 year olds have boyfriends?

yes,because i am a 10 year old and i have one! BY the way, I know a few people that are about ten and have asked girls out on dates, and I might ask someone out like next year

How do you get a boyfriend when you are 10-years-old?

Well, Im 11, I had a boyfriend when I was 8, 9, and 10. But I broke up with him xD Anyways, Just be yourself, Smile at him all the time, During classes when he looks at you, e

Can 10 year olds have a boyfriend?

It depends on a couple things: 1- the maturity of the girl 2- who she wants to be gf and bf with 3- AND, how her family sees it. Also, you need to be able to tell the diff

What do you get your 10 year old boyfriend?

dont listen to that last answer..... that was rude. anywho get him something that he likes or just like candy and a card. something simple that they would like because its fro

Can girls have a boyfriend at 10 years old?

Youcan, but, you shouldn't. And right now you're thinking that some adult is just telling you what you can and can't do, but take it from my experience. You'll just end up hur

How do 10 year old girls get a boyfriend?

A ten year old does not need a boyfriend! The idea is completely ridiculous. At ten years of age, especially with girls, people are still trying to figure out who their real