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How do you get in the underground tunnel in poptropica?

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How do you get underground in Poptropica?

There are undergrounds on many Poptropica islands. Early Poptropica : enter either of the manholes (Main Street and Poptropica Towers) Shark Tooth Island : spell the word OP

What do you do in the tunnel in Poptropica?

After you got the crowbar you need to go to the factory and jump on the things (to get to the roof), then go to the right and go in the water then you will see a tunnel with a

How do you get into the tunnel in Poptropica?

I think you mean the Underground Tunnel. I know exactly how to answer it. OK, this is what you need to do. Go to Counterfeit Island. Go to the right. You will then be at Down

How do you get into the tunnel on Poptropica?

All you do is go to the trashcan close to the tunnel where the lady is standing and go to the trashcan that has NO lid on it. Click on it and youll have to move peices away fr