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How do you play a very low b on alto saxophone?

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How do you play a scale of b flat on an alto saxophone?

Answer   To play a scale of Bb on an alto saxophone, you must first know whether the Bb is the "concert pitch" (playing the scale with a band or orchestra), or whether yo

How do you play a E on an alto saxophone?

  For an E on the alto saxophone, you need to have your first, second, and third fingers down on your left hand, and your first and second fingers down on your right hand.

Is the alto saxophone easy to play?

The saxophone is a fairly easy instrument to play, most people learn to play it in a year or so. Remember, to be a good instrumentalist you have to practice. *edit* I apolog

How do you play the f on the alto saxophone?

  If you are holding the saxophone correctly, press the keys underneath your index, middle, and ring finger on you left hand and your index finger on your right hand. Use

How do you play b flat on an alto saxophone?

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How do you play B sharp on alto saxophone?

If you are talking about the note b sharp presss down all the buttons that arent extra, besides the very bottom one there is one on top and one on botttom play the one on the

How do you play summertime on alto saxophone?

Hi these are the letter notes for " Summer Time " on the alto A F A G F G A F D AA AF GGG FDFDFEE AF AA GFG A FDAA ADCAC DFA GG F DD . Play around with the melody and your ear

Why won't your alto saxophone play?

Tips of making your saxophone play: 1) Your reed isn't wet. 2) It may be rusted. 3) If it won't make sound, try to adjust your saxophone so it is just right. 4) Adjust reed.