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How do you set your tv show play count back to one from itunes?

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No its not possible i think
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How do you play a movie that was downloaded from iTunes on the tv?

you could use an apple tv or an ipod but the cheapest option would be to connect the tv directly with the computer you have itunes on and connect that computer via a DVI or VG

Will one piece tv show come back?

No. One Piece is too violent for Americans using the uncut version & the cut version is just too stupid.

How much do TV shows cost is itunes?

They cost $1.99 per episode. It doesn't matter if you are getting a30min show or a 1hour show. They all cost the same. . The following list the top ten iTunes TV shows to dow

How do you find were iTunes saves your tv shows?

When I first got my ipod, I had the same question; but then i figured it out. As long as you don't have the shuffle, you'll be alright. First, plug your ipod into the computer