How high is a thunderbolt?

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bigger than ben youngs head
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Where do you get thunderbolt?

After you receive HM Surf, you need to head towards ValleyWindworks. You can find Thunderbolt on a small island there, on theside of the mountain.

How did Zeus get his thunderbolt?

The Cyclops. Since Zeus freed them when he ruled, they (along with Hephaestus) forged the weapons of the gods. In return, they gave Zeus thunderbolts.

Is Thunderbolt worth it?

Thunderbolt is not worth it at the moment. There are no devices fast enough to take advantage of this port, USB 3.0 is fine. Plus, since this port is reserved for Apple only,

What are the advantages of thunderbolt?

The advantages of the A-10 Thunderbolt are its ability to fly low, take substantial amounts of damage, and destroy numerous targets simultaneously. This aircraft was designed