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How many billions are 100 millions?

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In the U. S., "billion" means a thousand millions, so the answer is one-tenth.

In Britian, "billion" means a million millions, so the answer is one-ten-thousandth.
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How many 100 millions in 50 billion?

50 billion / 100 million=(50*10 9 )/ (10*10 6 )=5*10 10 /10 7=5*10 3=5000.

How many 100 million in three billion?

If you're using the American meaning of 'billion,' the answer is thirty. 3 billion divided by 100 million is 30.

Does one billion is equal to 100 million?

It equals 1000 million. Warning. A billion is 1000 million in the USA, but not everywhere. In many English-speaking countries a billion is a million million. In everyday m

What is 100 million billion?

On the short scale, 100 trillion.