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How many levels can a Pokemon GO up to in Pokemon diamond?

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without hacking, 100with hacking, 999 and then reset to 0 and no more exp gain.
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Is there a quick way to level-up Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

To level up weak Pokemon, I suggest battling the elite four with the weak Pokemon in the front of your party. As soon as the battle starts, switch Pokemon. The weak Pokemon wi

How do you level up Pokemon diamond quickly?

you get a charizard, typhlosion, blaziken, infernape, or emboar that knows blast burn, fire blast, overheat, and any weak attack. make shere that it's at least level 70.then p

How do you level up Pokemon On Diamond?

Get exp points Edit:Go into grass and wait for a Pokemon to appear, Then once one does make it faint and you'll get EXP and you'll level up if you keep repeating this.

How do you level up a pokemons happieness level in Pokemon diamond?

To make a pokemon's happiness go up you have to care for it. For example: not letting it faint in battle, using items on it (potions, hp ups, pp ups, ect), and giving it poffi

How do you make Pokemon level up faster in diamond?

I have a few tricks. First, you could do it the old way. Find an area with Pokemon the same level as yours, then just train there. Or, you could find out the places with P

What is the super quick level up code for Pokemon diamond?

Train lazy Dude! Submitted By MeowMixTiger: Lol referring to the person above, you do not necessarily have to train. If you want a code for any legendary, shiny, or just