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How many step children that were gods that Hera Had?

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As far as I know, there were 4. They are Dionysus, Heracles (Hercules), Apollo, and Artemis.
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How many children did Hera have with Zeus?

Hera definitely had three kids with Zeus: Ares (Mars) (war god), Hebe (Juventas) (goddess of youth), and Eileithyia (Lucina) (goddess of birth-pain). According to different my

What is Hera god of?

Hera is the goddess of marriage as well as queen of the gods and Zeus' wife

Hera was the godness of what?

Hera was the goddess of marriage and she was he wife of Zeus making her the queen of the heavens.

What was Hera god of?

Hera was the Greek goddess of women and marriage. She was the queen of the gods.

What god is Hera?

She is the Queen of the Gods, married to Zeus, said to be the goddess of marriage. This is kind of ironic because Zeus always cheats on her. :) Hope this helps :)

What was Hera the god of?

Hera wasn't the god of anything. She was a goddess, and was the goddess of marriage.

Is goddess Hera the god of children?

No, Hera is the goddess of women and marriage, the child is protected by Artemis or Apollo during birth, the mother is protected by Hera.

Hera is the god of what?

Goddess of Women and Mothers,Goddess of Marriage and Families and Queen of Olympus.